If you have any questions, please contact us Company is working in Electrical goods business activities. The relationship between voltage, current, and resistance, expressed by the equation E=IR, where E is the voltage in volts,I is the current in apmperes, and R is the resistance in ohms. Description: Logo - No Image Available. supply all the correct components. The overcurrent also leaves the normal current carrying path of the circuit–it takes a “short cut” around the load and back to the source. Cullin Africa are manufacturers and suppliers of: High Voltage Overhead Line Material, Distribution & Transmission Insulators, manufacturers of the original NCX Drop-out Fuses, and the sole agent for SEDIVER Insulators in Southern Africa and across the African market. Send Enquiry to Siba Fuses Sa (Pty) Ltd. Siba Fuses Sa (Pty) Ltd located in Sandton, South Africa. Fuses with no intentional time-delay in the overload range and designed to open as quickly as possible in the short circuit range. Welcome to SIBA South Africa From IT to high voltage For over 70 years now, we have been making devices to protect high and low voltage installations and equipment. We supply all major leading brands in fuse technology, HIGH SPEED fuses for semiconductor protection. SIBA Fuses: FUSE, GR, 63A: ... (Inch): 1-1/2, Head Material: Tungsten Carbide, Industry Specification: SA-42, SA-43, SC-41, SC-42, SD-42, SE-41, SF-42, SG-43, ... siba fuses: fuse for dmm 1000vac/dc 10x38 16a: 1827171: 43: 1 : $16.216: 10 : $14.009: 50 : $12.28: ... 00 sa ideal-tek: tweezer, high precision: 3480616: 25: 1 : $32 ... http://www.zibb.co.za/agriculture/research/SIBA, http://www.engnet.co.za/fusegear/hrc-fuses, http://gp.richdata.co.za/index.php?q=excom, http://gp.richdata.co.za/index.php?s=H&q=ses, http://www.buffalocity.gov.za/municipality/tenders_2008.stm, http://www.brabys.co.za/business/2299874/south-africa/gauteng/sandton/jeppestown/commissioner-st/fuses-electric/siba-fuses-sa-pty-ltd, http://www.snupit.co.za/johannesburg/fuses, http://www.onlinebusinesslist.co.za/company/175556/siba-fuses-sa-pty-ltd, http://www.ebg.co.za/supplier.aspx?ACC=889, http://www.snupit.co.za/johannesburg/jeppestown/siba-fuses-sa/256627, http://www.onlinebusinesslist.co.za/company/175556/siba-fuses-sa-pty-ltd/contacts, http://www.sayellow.com/@2?wr=10&Cli_ReferenceNumber=903,534, http://www.yellowpages.co.za/search/fuses+-+electric/bedfordview,+gauteng/1, http://www.bleat.co.za/search/Gabions?page=3, http://www.business-index.co.za/Sandton-16456-34-business-list.htm, http://www.sayellow.com/@2?wr=6&SearchCategoryCode=1&AsG_AssociationGroup=0&SearchLocationCode=0&Lis=40561, http://www.ibg.co.za/supplier.aspx?acc=0017, http://www.findchips.com/avail/?part=40066&partner=18, http://www.findchips.com/avail?distributorFilter=element14&partNum=06-16&limit=200&partner=18, We and third party providers from us use cookies on our pages. A condition which exists on an electrical circuit when the normal load current is exceeded. A fuse with a built in delay that allows temporary and harmless inrush currents to pass without opening, but is so designed to open on sustained overloads and short circuits. Please view our large selection of fuses below. © 2020 - Fusecomp | Designed by localdomain. High Voltage Overhead Line Material Supplier to South Africa & Africa. It can be expressed as melting-ixixt,arcing-ixixt,or the sum of them as clearing-ixixt.”i” stands for effective let-through current (RMS),which is squared, and “t” stands for time of opening, in seconds. 265 Commissioner Street, Jeppestown , Johannesburg, Johannesburg.

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