9 … A socket or nut driver is the best option, as a wrench can accidentally bridge the gap on the fuse terminals and again, that is rarely a good thing to do. Circuit Protected A 1 ELEC PTO (BATT) 20 2 RR P/WINDOW 20 3 ROOM LAMP, AUDIO 15 4 DOOR If you can't identify the part number, you will need to rely on other methods of identification. Hopefully the part number will be quite obvious on the fuse, but it can sometimes be difficult to identify or there may not be a part number on the fuse. Passenger compartment fuse box (4HG1 engine model (type 1), 4JJ1/4HK1 engine models) No. The most difficult to remove fuse is a glass-type barrel fuse. Following this flow chart will help you select a fuse best suited for your application conditions. The Product Visual Identification Chart assists you to identify the style or features of the fuse that you are looking for. Each box is numbered in the top left corner so that it can be used as a reference when talking with our sales team. Buss Fuse Selection Chart (600 Volts or Less) Circuit Load Ampere Fuse Symbol Voltage Interrupting Remarks Rating Type Rating (a-c) Class Rating Page (KA) Conventional Dimensions—Class RK1, RK5 (0-600A), L (601-6000A) All type loads 0-600A LOW-PEAK® LPN-RK_SP 250V RK1†† 300 All-purpose fuses. Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class / S-Class are the fuses #117 (Rear cigar lighter), 134 (Luggage compartment socket), #140 (Rear cigar lighter / 115 V socket (from 2009)), #152 (115 V socket) in the Rear Fuse Box, and fuse #43 (Front cigar lighter) in the Engine Compartment Fuse … Fuse Selection Flowchart However, the basic considerations for fuse selection are shown in the flow chart presented in Figure SF6. Note: Pictures are not to scale. fuses and fuse blocks to meet your overcurrent protection needs. 4! For a detailed example of this process you can download our Fuse Selection Guide available on our website. It is common for the part number to include the actual ampere rating of the fuse. If you need to find a replacement to another manufacturer’s glass tube, low voltage branch or supplementary or high speed fuse, or fuse block or holder, use this quick cross reference FuseFinder to identify the Bussmann series replacement. When the fuse goes bad, the glass can break, but moreover, it can break when you are trying to get it out. These fuses are delicate.

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