Ferocactus latispinus is a beautiful members of the genus Ferocactus and is commonly called barrel cactus, it is fairly popular in cultivation because it blooms very early. Ferocactus Scientific Name: Ferocactus latispinus (Haworth) Britton & Rose, The Cactaceae; descriptions and illustrations of plants of the cactus family 3: 143-144, pl. Devil's Tongue Barrel Cactus Ferocactus Latispinus These are in perfect condition-great size and shape. The young spines have a great looking red.. Ferocactus latispinus is a relatively easy species. latispinus Ferocactus nobilis; Ferocactus latispinus var. New young spines are a dramatic shade of pink, in striking contrast to the blue gray foliage. Special features: Attracts Hummingbirds, Easy Care, Year-round Interest. Stunning variety of barrel cactus that blooms at an early age. Synonym(s): Ferocactus latispinus subsp. Slow growing to start but does well under cultivation. They can live for many years. Soil: Grow it … Blooms: Spring. Taking Care Of Ferocactus Latispinus “Devil’s Tongue Barrel Cactus” Ideal conditions. Most cacti grow slowly to moderately as houseplants, usually only a few inches a year. Sku #31945. Growth rate: TSlow growing to start but does well under cultivation. ... Devils Tongue Cactus (Ferocactus latispinus): With age, the red spines become broad and hooked and lay flat against the ball-shaped barrel. latispinus. Growing in 2.5" pots. Devil’s tongue barrel cactus isn’t much different from other cacti – it likes to be in full sunlight, doesn’t need much water, isn’t frost-hardy, and requires Zone 9b to 11b temperatures to survive and thrive (from 25 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, from -3.9 to +10 degrees Celsius). Ferocactus latispinus is a modest-sized barrel cactus and probably the best-known of the ferocacti. Easy to grow, do well in succulent gardens or in a window sill. Growth Rate. ... Growth rate: Slow. greenwoodii 16, f. 3, 1922. A mature plant reaches about 10 inches tall by 15 inches wide. Ferocactus latispinus subsp. Description: F. latispinus is a modest-sized ball-shaped or flat-topped barrel cactus, which normally remains a solitary plant, without dividing or producing offsets.

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