Our country hams are hand cured, aged & lightly smoked for that bold country ham flavor. Whole, Bone-In, Dry Cured, Genuine Country Style Ham… The time-intensive nature and rich flavor of the country ham … This curing process results in a meatier, more richly flavored, saltier ham. Country Hams are a traditional Virginia Ham cured with salt, and the Genuine Smithfield Ham is a country ham with a longer cure time … Country ham is dry cured, a time honored tradition where hams are packed in salt mixed with other curing ingredients, slowly cured … The salt does the curing , the nitrates prevent the ham from spoiling. Our Aged Whole Bone In Country Hams are dry cured and hickory smoked: incorporating time, patience, and the traditional family recipe to produce a delicious product. Buy online and free shipping! Every country ham includes a how to cook a country ham brochure. Sweet Cure Hams are not cured with salt and have a milder, sweeter taste. These hams are aged anywhere from six months to a year or more. The country ham is dry cured. It is first rubbed with salt and seasonings and hung to dry cure in a smoke house. To keep your ham the freshest we recommend wrapping the ham to prevent the meat from drying out. The sugar and spices are strictly for flavor. These hams are aged 12-14 months, … Refrigerate and wrap the ham with foil or butcher paper once the ham has been cut.

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