This desk height calculator is not only used as a decoration on your living room. It uses the Khamis-Roche Method to accurately estimate future height. Are You Planning a Home Improvement Project? If you’ve left your protractor at home, one tip for finding the right desk height is to align the height of the desk with your elbows while seated for a sitting desk or while standing for a standing desk. Just give the desk height calculator a try! Choose between two working positions - sitting or standing - and in an instance we'll give you a hint on how to prepare your workstation. If you're particularly interested in stand up desks, check out our standing desk height calculator, where you can set up your office ergonomics as well as check the calories burned by standing. Your chair height will probably fall into the 16-20" range, but, fortunately, most office chairs are adjustable, so you can improve your office ergonomics without any extra money. However, if you're: preparing shared workstations, for people of different heights. Also, don't forget about walking and stretching every half an hour - our bodies are not meant to stand or sit still, in one position, for extended periods of time. It's also important that your elbows and underarms lie straight on the table and armrests. Always add your shoe height to your height (typically one inch but add more for high heals) to get correct measurements. Health by Design, Desk and work surface height,, Mayo Clinic, Office ergonomics: Your how-to guide,, Desk Advisor, What is the desk height for best posture and ergonomics?, Recently, there's been an increase in interest regarding standing desks, as many reports praise their health benefits, improvement of worker productivity, and even increase in life expectancy. What's more, they claim that people succumb to the illusion that they are exercising. Looking straight, you should be looking at the top third part of the screen. How to Calculate the Ideal Desk Height The most ergonomic desk height is dependent on your height, and so it will vary for each person. Ergonomic Desk Height Calculator This free tool allows you to quickly calculate your ideal ergonomic desk height and chair height so that you can set up your office or workstation to allow for proper posture and improved health. Your monitor should be tilted a bit, like 10-20°. The recommended setting is to have your monitor 20 – 28 inches from your face—the distance should be no less than from the tip of your middle finger to your elbow. See a variety of health and fitness calculators. Enter your height and position at the desk to calculate the optimal desk height and monitor height for a sitting or standing desk. If the monitor does not have an adjustable stand, consider a monitor riser or mount to offer some adjustability. This desk height will be in the 70 to 135° range. Calculate how many steps you'll need to take to walk a specified distance in miles or kilometers. For a sitting desk, the height of the chair is also an important consideration. If you want to try a standing desk, make sure to introduce changes gradually - e.g., start from 30-60 min a day. Let's make one thing crystal clear - standing is not an exercise, and it won't replace daily activities, like for example walking, biking or running. The ideal chair height should allow your hips to be just slightly above your knees when sitting.[3]. Desk height calculator on the go. Unfortunately, that height is suitable for only a small part of the population - people around 6 feet tall. The desk height calculator, Sitting: optimally in 22-33" range, but 5" range is a minimum (25-30"), Standing: optimally in 35-47" range, but 4" range is a minimum (38-42"). When changing from your sedentary desk to a standing desk, you may encounter back, leg, or foot pain. Like the desk, the most ergonomic height for the monitor is dependent on your height. Simply click your height and position equipment for optimum comfort while sitting or standing. The most comfortable height should allow you to work continuously with the angle between your forearm and upper arm between 70 and 135 degrees. If you’re very tall, you might need to hunt around for a standing desk that can extend above that range. If this is the case, you should definitely consider height adjustable tables: buying a desk for a kid - as a child's height changes very quickly, a height adjustable table that grows with your kid is a good idea. The average desk height is 29 inches tall (approx. The reason: If the screen is too close or at the wrong height, the body is often tense. In many cases, you don't need to worry about standard chair height, as they are adjustable and their position is easily changed. The ideal monitor height is just below your eye level, and about the length of your arm away from your eyes.[2]. Not many standard desk height people know that Ideal desk height is vitally important while the dining table. On the other hand, others claim that stand up desks are overrated and there's no scientific evidence that they improve health. Try to have a 90-110° angle at the elbow. Calculate the pace, distance, or elapsed time of a run, walk, ride, or drive. Simply enter your own height. You should also remember that a dramatic change can lead to side effects. Ergonomic Desk Height Calculator Set up an ergonomic workstation based on anthropometric data from the BIFMA G1 Standard. Find your speed or estimate your finish time in a marathon or 10K.

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