Only problem is that divesrsity definitely needs some work. And that my friend, is more 0s than most of us will see in our bank account for a long, long time — if we ever get that lucky. The Phillips neighborhood is immediately south of downtown Minneapolis and bordered by Hiawatha Avenue to the east, Lake Street to the south and I-35W to the west. The lifestyle is good, and caters to those that have jobs, cultural, education and a pet friendly environment. Secondly, with the continuing rise of robberies, mostly involving car break-in’s, smashing of car windows when necessary, and now the huge increase of stolen packages, brazenly grabbed right off folks front steps, Fulton is rapidly losing its appeal, at least for me. A safe place to reside with a diversity of ethnicity throughout neighborhood. Its boundaries are 46th Street to the north, Lyndale Avenue to the east, 54th Street to the south, and Penn Avenue to the west. Northeast is a defined community in the U.S. city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, composed of 13 smaller neighborhoods whose street addresses end in "NE".Unofficially it also includes the neighborhoods of the University community which have "NE" addresses, and the entirety of the Old Saint Anthony business district, which sits on the dividing line of "NE" and "SE" addresses. St. Paul, Minnesota wouldn't be the city it is without Minneapolis. The neighborhood's namesake park is filled with fields of greenspace and houses a waterpark and putting course. Walkable and bikeable area, very friendly towards pedestrians. I always feel safe. Some of the homeowning residents seem to look down on renters, and I've noticed that it's mostly white. Its boundaries are West 47th Street to the north, Penn Avenue South to the east, West 54th Street to the south, and France Avenue South to the west. Great quality of living especially for young families. More on Lynnhurst: Homes For Sale | Data. Filled with family friendly parks, lakes, trails, and cozy restaurants and cafes, Kingfield is perfect for anyone who wants to live in a big city with a passion for the outdoors. I am afforded many opportunities to learn from people different than myself that help to make me my best self. So people of color likely don't feel as welcome here. Very lively, close to the stores, restaurants, banks, post office, lakes, falls, parks, downtown and light rails. Growing up here was an overall good experience. You can walk to the park and walk around the lake or visit the animals at the zoo, or go to the Conservatory to see and smell the beautiful flowers. While living in a neighbor that has many economic, educational and practical daily challenges, being among such motivated people for basic survival, inspires me to mindful and grateful for what I achieve through hard work and effort.Read 12 Reviews, Current Resident: Growing up here was an overall good experience. I would consider the downside of this neighborhood to be the lack of diversity and the abundance of pets without leashes. We're lookin' at you, Fulton. Two, if you've just taken a job at Target's Headquarters in downtown Minneapolis, you can hop on the 65 South from Audubon Park, cross the Mighty Mississippi River, and be at work in 20 minutes. I like living here in the center of cultural, arts, and theater. There does not look to be any effort to educate or encourage people to leash their pets in these areas. On the southern edge of downtown Minneapolis, Loring Park is a sustainable, walkable neighborhood featuring historic institutions like the Basilica of St. Mary and cultural attractions like the Walker Arts Center and Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens (and its famous Spoonbridge and Cherry). Northeast Park is in the north east corner of Minneapolis. There are plenty of parks in the area that have been renovated or maintained for both safety and entertainment. Walkable and bikeable area, very friendly towards pedestrians.Read 34 Reviews, Current Resident: I absolutely adore St. Anthony Park. I grew up in this neighborhood, and have loved every minute. Median Income: $112,757 (Sixth best) Based on data including state test scores, college readiness, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, teacher quality, as well as reviews from students and parents. This area is great if you need to ride the bus, not too congested for street parking yet shops and stores are close if you prefer to walk. Having first lived on Grand after graduating from nearby UST, I can say with confidence that I quite enjoyed all that it had to offer from the wide variety of bars and restaurants, amongst plenty of other things nearby. Kingfield is such a great neighborhood to raise a family. The people that live here are exceptional, always helping each other out. There are plenty of parks in the area that have been renovated or maintained for both safety and entertainment. Population: 6,092 More on Kenwood: Homes For Sale | Data. At its intersection with France Avenue is the upscale 50th & France commercial district, which lies along the border between Minneapolis and Edina. Rank Last Year: 18 (Up 12) In addition, our location is close to a lot of awesome local treasures. Best neighborhood in Minneapolis for families! Some weird stuff has been happening recently (break-ins, bike thefts, people hanging out in our back parking lot), but I think it's due to the unrest sweeping Minneapolis and the entire country this year. I hope that these things will be improved upon in the future of this neighborhood. More on Fulton: Homes For Sale | Data. Its lakes, thriving restaurant and arts scene, and eminently walkable neighborhoods make it popular with young and old alike. Rank Last Year: 3 (Up 2) Read more on how this ranking was calculated. Areas where crime is higher extend outside Phillips, several blocks south of Lake Street, and around a mile west of I-35W. Camden, located in the north corner of the city, on the east bank of the Mississippi, is composed of several small neighborhoods. Local corner stores, cafes, dining, drinking, beauty and fashion stores all thrive in our lovely village. Median rent in Northeast Park is slightly lower than the Minneapolis average and high-performing education programs (students perform 24% than the national average) round out this area as a desirable stop to call home. You can walk to the park and walk around the lake or visit the animals at the zoo, or go to the Conservatory to see and smell the beautiful flowers.

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