Political Science 101 consists of short video lessons that are organized into topical chapters. What are the three pillars of privacy that Creon abuses? The strongest/best will breed with the strongest/best to produce the strongest/best. According to Marx, what is "political power"? What does the "export of capital" do the country(ies) to which it is exported? What are the three defenses Socrates gives in his defense? What is the Fascist attitude to the "public/private" dichotomy? Learn political science 101 with free interactive flashcards. If hundreds got sick, everyone would want to fix the problem. The state is the most important thing in life. Political order and religious order operate under equal rule within polis. How do Shakespeare and Aristotle differ in how to persuade people of their respective positions? Shakespeare writes poetry while Aristotle is more direct and writes treatises. Why can we be sure that Socrates' message will get out to the Athenian demos? -Death is preferable to conventional slavery. ****People have rights because they are not part of the ignorant majority so they had the right to influence the town. Why would the gods think Antigone was pious, no matter what she said? Because everything acts to achieve good and the polis acts on the largest scale, the polis therefore is aiming to achieve the most comprehensive good. It is the worst rule for a regime because it is a perverse form of kingship. What "slumbered in the lap of social labor"? Why should a polis not be ruled despotically? How do we differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate governance? But, they also do not want to help the proletariat in fear that the Bourgeoisie will lose power.). What animal does Churchill associate with free thought? What did Lenin think Marx miscalculated the time it would take to achieve the dictatorship of the proletariat? First he suggest that he should be rewarded like an Olympian for helping Athens through his teachings, but ultimately suggests a small fine. According to Weber, what does every religion "presuppose"? According to Aristotle, how is a man virtuous according to the Gods? The coalition of Russia, Britain, and France in WWI. Who does Rubashov represent in Darkness at Noon? Why can polis not exhibit the virtue of a good man? It overcomes the Law of Spoilage and allows people to save and accumulate money. What was Crito's relationship to Socrates? Why does the polis act for the most comprehensive good? How is family subordinated to Nazi principles? Through #402, Rubashov was getting information via tapping codes. According to Aristotle, who are the members of the household? For a limited time, find answers and explanations to over 1.2 million textbook exercises for FREE! There are 6 kinds and 3 of them are just and rest of 3 are unjust. What is the primary responsibility of the Fascist state, according to Nazi doctrine? Even if the British Empire lasted for 1000 years, their resilience during WWII was their finest hour. So if human nature is denied when people do not possess freedom, and it is inhuman to deny someone of human nature. How does Locke think The People will react to the government violating the right of an individual here and there? What is the difference between the academic systems in the US and Germany, according to Weber? According to Aristotle, why is the female not like a slave in Athens, but like a slave among the barbarians? Churchill wanted people to think that "this was their [the British] finest hour," even if what? What problem does Aristotle see with either the rich or the poor ruling? Proletariats should desert, and not fight in the WWI because they do not benefit from it, He was executed because of the size of submarine, She is a secretary and secret mistress of Rubashov. The community and the slave are better off if the slave is ruled by a human who can reason. What is the exact and precise definition of the state of nature according to Locke? What does Mussolini say is the relationship between "Liberalism" and the "Fascist state"? A polis is a partnership of what kind of people? What is both a "sacred right and sacred duty," according to the Fascists? According to Aristotle, how is a man virtuous in his own right (not in the eyes on the polis)? According to Aristotle, what makes humans distinct from other animals? He wrote dialogues that, though more like treatises, gave poetry its due because he thought it was more engaging but didn't think it communicated the message clearly enough. Crito is most concerned with how he appears to the demos, or public, and if Socrates does not escape it will appear as though Crito is cheap. What is Haemon's precise blood relation to Antigone? Why do Liberal Democracy, Communism, and Fascism all claim to be the most democratic movement? What are the name of Oedipus' 4 children and who was their mother? Crito's reputation will suffer because people know that he has the money to bail Socrates out. According to Weber, what characterizes science in the modern world? Fulfill its promises of equality in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. 1. What does "Glektin pays cash" mean in the context of Darkness at Noon? Because it allows people to fulfill their selfish nature. What is the difference between Locke and Aristotle's view of money? The way in which Lenin and the Vanguard made decisions over the dictatorship of the proletariat. It is vital to Nazi prosperity to produce healthy and smart children. Which "charges" does Socrates say he has to deal with first? The information, learned is valuable to all and can help people use their understanding of political, science to be successful in many areas. They don't have political will until Teiresias predicts bad things will happen to Thebes. Because different polises have different types of regimes. How did Socrates find out he was thought to be the wisest of all? Not even her husband or kid. According to Aristotle, how is the reason of a natural slave difference from that of a human being? How does Aristotle define and characterize poor people? What did G-d create male and female, in his "image"? Political philosophy cannot exist without polis. Who thought human beings were naturally political and who thought human beings were naturally apolitical? What did Jesus say he had come to do to the Law? The Proletariat did not make up the majority. He belived that their orders would fall apart becasue they did not belive it let human beings act natural. He is blind but can see beyond other's abilities. Precisely, what has all past history been according to Marx? How is the central teaching of "Crito" consistent with Socrates' loyalty to philosophy? What is the "keystone of the Fascist doctrine"? The state of nature is people living together, according to reason, with no common authority. He is controlling, beforehand, the crowd that will be in attendance and what their reaction will be through bribery. One must construct a political order that is complementary to nature of man, who is selfish. What is the relationship of the polis to the regime? Why does Locke feel the regime he proposes will be successful? This preview shows page 1 - 2 out of 2 pages. Why are political philosophy and the religious order necessarily in contradiction with one another? What is the view of death in Darkness at Noon and in Stalin's regime? Her husband and kid are part of her family, so she doesn't have family pride and she does not love her family because she says she wouldnt do it for her husband or child and they are family. What does the Koran say the "children of Israel" should remember? What was the fundamental Marxist problem that Lenin saw with the revolution over which he presided? Who is the first "respectable" modern thinker? Weber says "nothing is worthy of man unless man is unless" what? According to Aristotle, political rule is rule over what kind of people? What is the precise definition of the state of nature? Submarines were the reason of execution for Bogrov. You learned about the dichotomy between public and private; what happens to this dichotomy under Fascism? Because in order for something to reach their natural state (their best state) there must be the perfect set of circumstances and sometimes there are factors that get in the way of of that (acorn analogy), Conventional slavery because Americans agree that any slavery, especially slavery brought about by force or law, it wrong.

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