Are my chances of getting into Dartmouth different depending on how I apply? Is the ACT or SAT a required part of the transfer application? Dartmouth accepts applications under the Common Application. Virtually Experience Dartmouth; Connect with a Student; Dartmouth Comes to You; College Access Programs; Apply. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve in our area and throughout the world, questions will be added and answers updated as new information becomes available. How can a home school student demonstrate language proficiency? How do I remove my name from the wait list? In our first “Dear Tuck Admissions” column, Valeria offers advice on the dreaded wrong school typo, interview invitation timing, and event attendance. Keep in mind that it received approximately 21,375 undergraduate applications for the class of 2024. So it’s worth considering why Dartmouth framed this question around the word mo’olelo. Phrased this way, Dartmouth’s prompt is specifically probing for information about what you love – about Dartmouth, and about the idea of college in general. If I take a Gap Year, what happens to my financial aid award? If I am accepted and want to enroll at Dartmouth, do I send a deposit? I want to learn more about living at Dartmouth. Where do I find visa information for international students? I’m on the wait list; should I visit campus to meet with an admissions officer? This sound a heckuva lot like. Can the Admissions Office make a correction to my submitted Common App? Who is considered an international student by Dartmouth? or big category (films! What does "need-aware" for international students mean? This prompt isn’t just about your academic interests, so rather than starting with a broad subject area (molecular biology! If I attend a secondary school outside of the United States, do I need to file a different application? Sign up for free instructional videos, guides, worksheets and more! Have you started your personal statement? Does Dartmouth require specific high school courses? Do admitted students need to send a deposit? Can athletes also study abroad? 2025 Applicants: My ACT/SAT was sent to Dartmouth before I applied but I don't want my score to be considered in the admission process. So, how has change presented itself in your own life? Curious about your chances of acceptance to your dream school? And rightfully so — there are so many issues at the forefront of our collective consciousness right now. Interviews are arranged after you have submitted your application. If they ask you about something in it, be prepared to know what you have written! Phrased this way, Dartmouth’s prompt is specifically probing for information about what, love – about Dartmouth, and about the idea of college in general. How does change show up in your life? Are recommendations written in languages other than English accepted? After sharing my experiences and fielding questions on virtual panels and high school visits, I'm reminded of my own college process. How do you evaluate music/art supplements? while in middle school. Do you have more of a newspaper or lit mag vibe? Writing supplement prompts included in Dartmouth's application for admission to the Class of 2025 What should I do? Review your application. How does the D-Plan work for varsity athletes? Is Dartmouth “need-blind” or “need-aware” in its admissions process for permanent residents and undocumented students? Are interviews required for QuestBridge Finalists? Should I submit extra recommendations with my application? What do I do? This prompt should ring a bell because it’s just a slightly more verbose version of the most common supplemental essay question out there: why here? You're always welcome to email or call us for answers, but for your convenience, we've curated our responses to the most common questions that arise among applicants. Should I just send my high school report or is necessary to send my report from the last year of middle school to totalize four years? What kind of Greek system does Dartmouth have? How many new transfer students enroll at Dartmouth each year? Does Dartmouth grant credit for AP, A-Level, IB, or CLEP examinations? Should I take SAT Subject Tests related to my academic interest or intended major? How can I connect with other admitted students in my year? geometry!) For the Dartmouth Medical School secondary application, we advise students to answer as many of the essay questions as possible. Score our Exclusive Video Brainstorming Guide and more! Will you judge my application based on their writing? My peer recommender is also applying to Dartmouth. 30 Questions to Ask on a College Visit. If I share my QuestBridge Application with Dartmouth, should I also submit the Common App? This is a classic short-answer: a broad, pithy question that demands a specific, personal response. The great thing about this prompt is that it applies to absolutely everyone, since we all live in a world full of adaptation, innovation, and adjustment. Dartmouth will automatically receive the QuestBridge application materials for QuestBridge Finalists who rank Dartmouth in the National College Match. 2025 Applicants: I want to submit my application now, but I'm not sure whether or not I want Dartmouth to consider my future test scores. Tuck Admissions’ Valeria Wiens is back on Tuck360 to answer your burning application-related questions. Do I need to submit a mid-term report? The writing supplement includes questions specific to Dartmouth that help the Admissions Committee gain a better sense of how you and Dartmouth might be a good "fit" for each other. If I am not named a QuestBridge Finalist, may I still apply to Dartmouth? We're glad you have questions. Should I attend a local info session if I already attended one on campus? I graduated from high school ten years ago. Have a question for our admissions team? If nothing comes to mind immediately, read through the other prompts to see if anything makes that magic light bulb appear above your head. The emphasis on campus life is clear, so focus on what you would do at Dartmouth. Dartmouth embraces a holistic approach to the admission process and is committed to reviewing all aspects of your application. What are my chances of being admitted from the wait list? Which sections of your website are most useful for admitted students to access information about New Student Orientation and living and learning at Dartmouth? I'm on the wait list; how long until I hear anything? We’ve all heard this quote or ones like it. marine life! Is there a good way to choose who should write my peer recommendation? Review your own primary and secondary application before each interview. This prompt is as simple as they come, and yet it can be totally overwhelming to tackle. If I share my QuestBridge Application with Dartmouth, should I also submit the Dartmouth writing supplement or peer recommendation? Does my entire Early Decision application have to be completed by November 1? If you have submitted your application via the Common App system, you should receive an email from Dartmouth containing your Application Management System login details within 48 hours of submission. What was the last fact or skill you learned outside of school that truly captured your imagination? The emphasis on campus life is clear, so focus on what you would do. This prompt, ring a bell because it’s just a slightly more verbose version of the most common supplemental essay question out there: why here? Can transfer applicants submit art supplements? Academics Does Dartmouth require specific high school courses? Who do I contact if I have questions about Dartmouth or QuestBridge? You’ll find an extensive, by-the-numbers look at Dartmouth’s offerings, from enrollment and tuition statistics to student life and financial aid information, on its Common Data Set.For insight into how this private research university envisions its historic “Inclusive Excellence” initiative to foster diversity, check out the Provost’s Diversity Plan (feel free to skim if you need to). 2025 Applicants: Should I submit my ACT/SAT score? So in order to be more specific about why you’re applying to Dartmouth, and convey to the admissions officers why you are a good fit, you need to take advantage of the Dartmouth College supplemental essays 2020-2021. Take a look at the questions and documents below to get started. Anything related to your childhood or upbringing will likely fit into one of the categories listed above, so hone your story first, and then back it into the prompt. We thought so. Do you have more of a newspaper or lit mag vibe? In my country, high school is three years long. 2025 Applicants: How do I indicate that I don't want my ACT/SAT considered in the admissions process? This prompt is as much about ingenuity and problem-solving as it is about creativity. Being curious makes you a good fit for Dartmouth. Supplemental Essay Type(s): Why, Oddball, Topic of Your Choice. Evaluating Applications Does Dartmouth send out an admit letter for newly admitted students? I have taken college courses.

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