In the 80 years since the map was drawn, … The historic district’s old housing deeds still read, “This lot shall be used for residential purposes only and by white 1 of 2 The Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC) map of Houston was created by a New Deal program of the federal government in the 1930s and is commonly known as “redlining… Swiss Avenue, according to the 1937 redlining map, is a “best” spot in a sea of “declining” East Dallas properties. In Dallas, those neighborhoods tended to be inhabited by people of color and redlining kept them from receiving the investments that other sections of the … The practice of ‘redlining,’ outlawed years ago, is still seen as a factor in the lack of progress for some Dallas neighborhoods, according to community leaders. Today, Dallas remains segregated along lines of race and income, but the HOLC map is surprisingly small. Maps from the 1930s designed some neighborhoods as red zones where investments by banks were considered unsafe. MAP 3: Dallas Census Blocks with Maximum AT&T Wireline Internet Speeds of 3MBPS or Less, December 2016 (Map 3 Link) 30) Where AT&T has not deployed FTTH / FTTN technology, home Internet speeds delivered by the ADSL2 network vary widely depending on proximity to a central office. Redlining HOLC map for Dallas TX Redlining HOLC map for Nashville TN Redlining HOLC map for Tulsa OK Redlining HOLC map for Allentown PA Redlining HOLC map for Waltham MA Redlining HOLC map … Figure 3 provides a map overlay example focused on St. Louis demonstrating the original 1937 HOLC grading, the historic redlining scores with life expectancy and social vulnerability by CBSA quartiles. [28] For all COVID-19

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