1. First, you’ll need to choose the brisket you plan to use.. We like to leave about 1/4-inch. Every bite should taste of smoke and the natural flavor of the beef. This may not be a purist's approach, but it's kid friendly and it works, producing a satisfying product. Allow the brisket to sit in the refrigerator for at least 6-8 hours, or overnight. This past weekend (July 4-5, 2014), my team and I competed in a BBQ competition in Smithville, TX and decided to do some… We also happen to believe that simple and slow is the best way to smoke a brisket. It's easiest to trim the brisket when cold, so start right when you remove it from the fridge. For the rub, use equal parts kosher salt and 16-mesh “café grind” black pepper. Trim some of the fat so the brisket doesn't taste fatty, but don't trim too much or it will taste dry. Do NOT attempt using a dull knife. You have to be very careful leaving a brisket on smoke for that length of time though. If you plan to cook the brisket using a charcoal BBQ grill, continue to the next section. If you want to use an electric or gas smoker, skip to the second section. Slow Smoked Brisket: Down here in Texas, brisket is a staple for BBQ cookouts and it holds the highest prestige of any category in BBQ competitions. If you have a lot of time, like 12-16 hours, then you can smoke a brisket without wrapping it. Hello - I am committed to doing a brisket (my first) in the coming weeks, with a WSM. If you are going to smoke the brisket and never wrap it, you have to maintain a very clean fire with very little smoke. First Brisket; cold weather. With beef brisket, it’s best to keep the seasoning simple and clean. How to Smoke a Brisket on a Charcoal Grill It can get very smoky and ruin a good brisket. Use your sharpest knife. 6) Return the brisket to the smoker until it reaches an internal temperature of 91° C which should take approximately another 3-5 hours. Add the beef broth by wrapping the brisket in aluminium foil, ensuring a leak-proof/tight seal. What makes cold smoking bacon good for beginners is that slicing the bacon prior to smoking, reduces the time needed for the cold smoke to a few hours. There is no need to continue to smoke the brisket at … Here are the steps to follow. If you’re planning to feed a good-sized crowd, aim for one that weighs at least 10 pounds. But I live in NY - its getting colder by the minute. Is this a bad idea? This is a great opportunity to teach your kids about handling raw meat. It will be an overnight ordeal. Prepare the Brisket. Equipment to Smoke a Brisket

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