Grow your own semi-dwarf citrus tree. How to Care for a Calamondin Orange Tree. The Calamondin orange tree (Citrus mitis), often known as miniature orange, is an ornamental tree producing fragrant flowers and a small tangerine-like fruit. Varieties of Cold Climate Citrus Trees. A list of some citrus trees that are the most cold tolerant is as follows: Calamondin (16 degrees F./-8 degrees C.) Chinotto Orange (16 degrees F./-8 … Looking at a neighbor's orange tree, you may notice that its fruits are much larger than those your tree provides, even with comparable soil composition. Plant Food Nutrient Care BY GROWSCRIPTS GrowScripts provides products and user-friendly ways to nurture citrus trees without all the guesswork. VISIT GROWSCRIPTS Italian sour orange variety. Tips on Pruning Orange Trees for Bigger Fruit.

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