it would be great if there were answers... u are stupid what type of questions are there are u mad or what annyzzz... it is helpful but not also thannksxx... Sir kab daloge sirf one word answer to daalo so we can check ourselves bcoz these are really nice questions sir, Agree with all I HV solved all the quesstions and the calculation is too lengthy so I think we must hv . May 2017 Just saying .... well the questions are cool though.. Atomic mases should also be given to the elements, Get it done don't comment but studyhard but I am not a nerd, Best ias coaching in bangalore but answers should have been there to...then it wud have been of more use.... September 2015 15) 2.4x10*23, In 2 1 part the complete answer is 1.5055*10 23, Answers? August 2017 Olympiad-NTSE 5) water mol. March 2019 March 2017 March 2018 Please give the answer of the questions also, Where are answers such carelessness intolerable, Numericals are not so good and satisfactory., What nice questions but 10) 3x 10*24 I am a school teacher and serving CBSE students community since 1995. NCERT Solutions for CBSE 9 Chemistry Chapter 1 - Matter in our surroundings Study the characteristics of particles of matter and the different states of matter. 11. of molecules as 2.5 moles of chlorine gas? 6) 12/ avagadro no. August 2013 We will keep adding updated notes, past papers, guess papers and other materials with time. 9th Mathematics Term 02 9th Social Science SA 1 4) 2.89 x10*-23. Get free Key Notes, MCQs, Tests, Sample Papers, NCERT Solutions, NCERT Solutions, Important Questions for 9. 15. Sulphuric acid is the king of chemicals if you need 5 moles of Sulphuric acid for a reaction. Also, the concepts of any subject that usually taught in the 9th class are the base on which you can grow in that particular subject. July 2016 March 2013 yar mjhy samajj mai nai aarahe numerical easy h bt......i ca n solv it plx help me in pakao sub chem i am in cls 8.... Good way of posting dear. useful questions but unfortunatley no answers, this is nt at all plearent frm ur side ........user 345678 9th Mathematics Term 01 8th Question Papers April 2014 10th Science Study Term 02 wow.... ! 6) 12/ avagadro no. CL provides CBSE Chemistry prep material for class 9 students. If you have 40g of it how many Ca+2 and Co3-2 ions are present in it? Our digital library hosts in multiple countries, allowing you to get the most less latency time to download any of our books like this one. October 2013 Chemistry XI Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 Numerical Revision, Three States of Matter 9th Class Chemistry Notes of Chapter 1. 9th Social Science SA 2 The last chapter under Chemistry in NCERT solution for class 9 Science lays a foundation for higher-level knowledge in the subject. Yp true!! June 2017 10th Sample Paper SA2 9th Sample Paper Exam 2018 June 2015 ?pls answer. = 28 gm. 1 molecule of Al2(SO4)3 gives 2Al+3 ions and 3SO4-2 ions. 10) 3x 10*24 Physics Motion Numerical Solved and Worksheet for class 9. therefore it is equal to the mass of nitrogen molecule 15) 2.4x10*23 February 2018 May 2015 May 2016 January 2012 Determine the number of bromide ion in 0.2 mole of Mg Br2. March 2015 huh! December 2016 January 2017 10th Social Science Sa1 September 2013 July 2011. February 2015 that is lame, some dumb people don't study n they blame the people who want to make them study and then they bluff April 2013 January 2019 where the hell are the answers , 2 i) 1.5 x 10*23 November 2014 5) 1.8 x 10*22 June 2016 0.375, 1.1, 0.5, The question help me more to understand the mole concept. November 2018 9th Science Term 02 i'll file a court case! **Questions starting from 47 cover harder problems on motion under gravity. Students are advised to note the numerical carefully. 10th Sample Paper Exam 2020 6th Science Thankx fr these papers:-). September 2014 it's really nice post. of numerical it would be more better, What mass of Nacl will have same no. Calculate the number of moles of magnesium present in a magnesium ribbon weighing 12 g. ... [CBSE Class IX Chemistry] While performing a reaction, to know the number. 8) .45 Online Class 08 i'm really thankful 2 u for these practice numerical. Number of SO4-2 ions are = 3 (6.02 × 1023), Number of Al+3 ions are = 1/2 × 2 (6.02 × 1023), Number of SO4-3 ions are = 1/2 × 3 (6.02 × 1023), So if we have 6.02 × 1023 ions of aluminum then 9.03 × 1023 Sulphate ions will be required. October 2011 Download Ebook Chemistry Numericals 1 Chapter For Class 9chemistry class 11 chapter 1? December 2013 Good questions. 9th chemistry Numerical questions for MOLE Concept, Mole Concept and Problems based on mole concept, Numerical Problems based on mole concept 9th Chemistry. Questions are good..... Nice questions. question formation should improve. August 2018 January 2018 Class 12 Study Materials September 2012 September 2018 If there is no answer how wil we know itz correct or wrong! April 2015 Online Class 09 YOU CALL YOURSELF A SCIENCE STUDENT WHEN NOT EVEN TO SOLVE SUCH EASY QUESTIONS!?! 8th Science smh, they r vry vry some hard one please, idiate fucking bastard. So that, we are providing you with the best chemistry notes for class 9. 9) 1.5 4) 18/avagadro no. 1.6.022 x 1023 molecules is present in nitrogen molecule 1. November 2013 It provides answers to the questions given in the textbook. where is the answer bitch???? 9th Science Term 01 It covers vertical upward movement problems as well. The student community is grateful to jsunil tutorials for such a wonderful website and precise notes on each chapter. December 2011 Board Paper Solutions Our Viraf J. Dalal solutions for Class 9 Simplified ICSE Chemistry cover everything from The Language Of Chemistry, Chemical Changes & Reactions, Water, Atomic Structure & Chemical Bonding, The Periodic Table, Study Of The First Element — Hydrogen, Study Of Gas Laws, Atmospheric Pollution, Practical Chemistry and the other topics. Thanks for sharing it dear. I really don't know for how to telly. 12th Sample Paper (Answer). 8th Mathematics, It helps more to understand mole concept, HMMM...good..but answers??? August 2014

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