Besides, there are numerous minor dairy regions in the western United States, eastern Argentina, middle Chile, the Republic of South Africa, eastern Japan and western Russia. Other animals farmed for dairy include goats, camels and sheep. iv. Maize Farming. For instance, commercial farms rely on electricity and in having the farms wired with electricity, the surrounding communities will also be wired. Dairy farmers usually do not sell their products directly to consumers. Increased Production and Enhancing Food Security, 5. vii. high yielding variety (HYV) seeds, chemical fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides. They include apples, lettuce, cherries and asparagus. Advantages and Disadvantages of Intensive Farming, Why are Forests Important and 20+ Unbelievable Reasons For Loss of Forests, Causes, Effects and Solutions to Overgrazing, Can You Recycle Frying Pans? Other top producers are Bangladesh, Japan, and Sri Lanka. According to Beef 2 Live, the United States produces about 20% of the world’s beef, followed by Brazil and the European Union at 15% and 13% respectively. Coffee and cocoa farming also serves the confectionery industries. Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge. The farming is outdoor and is seasonal, meaning farmers are exceptionally busy during the planting and harvesting seasons. Do Plants Need UV (Ultraviolet Light) Light to Grow? Examples include the vast farms of tea in India and Kenya, the coffee plantations in Brazil and India, banana production in Uganda, beef farming in the United States, and sugarcane farms in Indonesia and Mexico. But then again, commercial farming is worrying to some extent despite its positive results. The practice, also known as agribusiness, is increasingly being taken up and practiced as more and more people partake in it as a lucrative business venture. Commercial farming requires large supplies of both skilled and unskilled labor. This is the raising of livestock animals for their meat products. Also, the climate supports horticulture, processing vegetables, and flowers among other crops. The productivity is very high in dairy farming regions.. v. High degree of commercialisation is the rule in all regions of dairy farming. The United States, Brazil and the European Union are the top producers of beef in the world, accounting for about 47% of the world’s beef. The farms are, therefore, solely used to rear cattle, which produce the milk used to make other dairy products. Dairy farms produce milk and milk related products. Commercial farming avails more raw materials to feed the local and international industries that engage in the production or manufacture of agricultural by-products. It involves the use of hired labour 5. (And Ways to Dispose of), Are Keys Recyclable? It is heavily produced in the US, Pakistan, Egypt, China, and India. Tobacco is commercially farmed in semi-arid and rain-fed areas, where alternative crops and economically unviable. Dairy cattle breeds such as Friesian, Jersey and Ayrshire are the best producers of milk. As such, India is a prime example of tobacco commercial farming and is the world’s second-largest producer of tobacco. The practice of commercial farming uses high doses of modern inputs and high yielding varieties of seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, and insecticides. As much as commercial farming may involve different agricultural practices within the same parcel of land or region, it mainly involves large scale farming of one type of agricultural practice such as aquaponics, beef farming, dairy farming, chicken farming, coffee farming, sugarcane farming, specialized fruit plantation, flower farming, and tea farming among many others in one region or large piece of land. (And 6 Clever Ways to Reuse Old Keys), Can You Recycle Shampoo Bottles? TOS4. She started her journey into the world of plants when she was 12 years old. Due to this, a lot is invested in terms of capital, manpower, and land, making commercial farming the main driver and influencer of the global agriculture industry. In order to achieve the economy of scale, therefore, commercial farming needs to be very efficient and practiced on a large scale as the goal of the farmer is to maximize the profit margin. 3. Today, plantation farming continues, but instead of using forced slave labor, workers are paid low wages, which allows them to continue working in such plantations. It is, therefore, grown massively in Brazil, Columbia and India. It, therefore, grows well in northern India during the winter seasons. - Publish Your Articles Now, Copyright infringement takedown notification template. According to Statista, the leading producer of cow milk in the world is the European Union, producing 155.3 million metric tons of milk in 2019. In Italy, for example, donkeys are reared to produce an alternative source of milk for infants. It, therefore, grows well in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, India, Canada and Russia. It … Image Source: She is a fanatical gardener, and is passionate about growing and enjoying organic food. The forces of demand and supply, therefore, operate to lower the prices of such commodities. A greater emphasis is placed on the improvement of herds. Tobacco Farming. Also, water is piped into the surrounding communities. In Italy, for example, donkeys are reared to produce an alternative source of milk for infants. Since farmers employ more efficient methods of production, like the use of harvesters, ploughs, harrowers, and planters, the operations of the commercial farmer become cheaper in the long run. It thrives in West Bengal and other North-Eastern parts of India. Characteristics of Commercial agriculture 1. It requires good rainfall during planting and adequate sunshine when harvesting. Copyright © 2015 PublishYourArticles.Net, All rights reserved. Cotton Farming. India is the world’s largest producer of milk at 22%, with other countries such as the US, China, Pakistan and Brazil, also being top producers. vii. What are the Characteristics of Horticulture and Floriculture.

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