These attributes allow the design of cedar timber structures of all types using basic engineering principles and stress or appearance rated grades of Western Red Cedar. I’m using the cedar 1x6 T&G for all my exterior soffits. Pergolas, Gazebos, Arbors, Awnings and Beams for decking, trim and Timber accent points. Cedar of all the foregoing grades and surface textures is manufactured by members of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association (WRCLA). Uses for cedar are practically endless. That plus its own natural preservative oils makes cedar lumber beams and timbers the perfect choice for your Pergola, Gazebo or Garden Arbor project. Red cedar is a highly desirable wood to work with due to it's durability, strength and versatility. Be certain to specify Appearance Knotty structural lumber when strength characteristics are required. Our DIY... DON'T RUN SHORT! Pricing based on $3000 ORDER MINIMUM • REDUCED DELIVERY to most places in the USA! Available rough sawn or rougher headed in nominal 2″ (51mm) and thicker sizes. The rough texture is clearly visible on all four sides. It has a fine grain, but a soft texture, which makes it great for woodworking. When required, seasoning is achieved by air-drying. 2 Structural. Grading Rule ParagraphPLIB – Export R List 401. Red Cedar Lumber has exceptional resistance to insects and decay, moderate strength, moderately soft, light in weight, completely non-resinous, works easily and is dimensionally stable with the lowest shrinkage of any North American Softwood species. But perfect for Before beginning a project with cedar lumber, you should understand what type works best for what projects. We can surface these beams however our professional advice is to leave them ROUGH. Clear grades of timbers are normally supplied green (unseasoned). I would purchase from the again without hesitation. Rough Cedar Lumber receives its texture from a milling process which uses roughened planer knives. All Buffalo Lumber orders are delivered MILL DIRECT to your JOB SITE. Large Cedar Lumber beams and timbers are often used where both the strength and the appearance of the exposed wood beams are important especially in landscape, park and garden structures where weather resistance and natural wood look is desired. Western Red Cedar MILL SELECT #2&BTR GREEN, Is there anything to be said about cedar lumber that is clearer than our pictures? This brochure will help you to select the right grade for the job. This material has highly restricted wane allowances to give well defined corners. Material of this grade is evaluated for structural strength characteristics. We CAN stain it in our machines however we do rack dry so one side will have pineapple marks from our feeder. I logged and milled them into 1x6 T&G paneling. Note: Upon request, Appearance Knotty timbers are available with structural grading. We will get your order in the queue so it is ready when you are. From framing lumber to pine boards to appearance grade timbers, posts and beams we offer high quality wood products that complement the craftsmanship of the builders that build with our products. Its natural characteristics do not detract from the woods fine appearance. The rough texture is clearly visible on all four sides. 2 - 4" run aprox 1/4" less. Buffalo Lumber specializes in Milled to Order Pre-Finished - Primed, Painted, or Stained - Cedar Siding, Redwood Siding and Knotty Pine Paneling shipped direct from the mill located closest to You. Grading Rule ParagraphNLGA 203 b,c,dWCLIB 150 b,c,dWWPA 10.11, 10.12, 10.13. There are a couple of different types of cedar lumber, and they can be used in different formats. Structural Joists and Planks are rectangular members 2″ to 4″ (51 mm to 102 mm) thick, 5″ (127 mm) and wider, either rough sawn or surfaced four sides (S4S). Framing/Lumber Pressure Treated & Cedar Lumber *Cedar 2×4, 2×6, 4×4 available in Lineal Footage PT and Cedar Handrail & baluster in stock MEASUREMENTS: Our Cedar Timbers 6" and up measure true 6" to 12" thickness. 6x12 BOARD (ROUGH) CEDAR-WRC LUMBER, #2&BTR (BL Grade Equivalent MILL SELECT), GREEN, UNFINISHED, No Surfacing, Rough Use, 8x8 BOARD (SQUARE EDGE - ROUGH) CEDAR-WRC LUMBER, #2&BTR (BL Grade Equivalent MILL SELECT), GREEN, UNFINISHED, No Surfacing, Rough Use, 10x10 BOARD (SQUARE EDGE - ROUGH) CEDAR-WRC LUMBER, #2 (BL Grade Equivalent MILL SELECT), GREEN, UNFINISHED, No Surfacing, Rough Use.

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