Switzer and Collingwood got along well and married in Las Vegas three months later. Their son, Justin Lance Collingwood Switzer[5] (now Eldridge),[6] was born that year. The dog was lost, having run after a bear, and Switzer offered a $35 reward for its return. He reprised his "Alfalfa" character, complete with comically sour vocals, in PRC's Gas House Kids comedies in 1946 and 1947. Heiress of the grain elevator empire Collingwood Grain, Inc. and first wife of murdered Our Gang actor Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer who met and married the troubled child star on a blind date in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1954 and became the mother of his only known son Justin Lance Collingwood-Switzer, but the marriage lasted less than two years, ending in divorce in 1956. Turns out, off-key singing and bad hair were not his only crimes against humanity. Besides acting, Switzer bred and trained hunting dogs and guided hunting expeditions. Corrigan said he saw a closed penknife at Switzer's side, which he presumed fell out of his pocket or his hand. Switzer was also ordered to pay a $225 fine ($2,000 today). When Stiltz refused to hand the money over, the men began to fight. Collingwood had moved with her mother and sister to California in 1953 because her sister wanted to become an actress. Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer was born on August 7, 1927 in Paris, Illinois, USA as Carl Dean Switzer. He was best known for his role as Alfalfa in the short subjects series Our Gang. Having died the same day as Cecil B. DeMille, his death received only minor notice in most newspapers, as DeMille's obituary dominated the columns. In 1953 and 1954, Switzer co-starred in three William A. Wellman-directed films: Island in the Sky and The High and the Mighty, both starring John Wayne, and Track of the Cat, starring Robert Mitchum. Although Carl was an experienced singer and musician, his character Alfalfa was often called upon to sing off-key renditions of popular songs for comic effect, most often those of Bing Crosby. By this time Switzer was downplaying his earlier Our Gang work. Carl Switzer est un acteur américain né le 7 août 1927 à Paris, Illinois (États-Unis), assassiné le 21 janvier 1959 à Mission Hills (Californie). Carl Switzer was interred at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, California. In 1934, the Switzers traveled to California to visit family. Corrigan said Switzer entered the house followed by Jack Piott and said he was going to beat up Stiltz, and Stiltz confronted Switzer with a .38-caliber revolver in his hand. Switzer said, "I want that fifty bucks you owe me now, and I mean now." He died on January 21, 1959 in Mission Hills, California, USA. Carl Switzer, aka Alfalfa, died due to major internal bleeding from one gunshot wound to the groin, pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?) He was married to Dian Collingwood. Cason, Colleen. He died on January 21, 1959 in Mission Hills, California, USA. He was married to Dian Collingwood. After leaving the series in 1940, Switzer struggled to find substantial roles owing to typecasting. Coincidentally, Switzer appeared as a slave (uncredited) in the last film for which DeMille was credited as a director, The Ten Commandments. Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer was born on August 7, 1927 in Paris, Illinois, USA as Carl Dean Switzer. "Death of a Little Rascal: After 40 years, eyewitness tells how Alfalfa died". Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer was born on August 7, 1927 in Paris, Illinois, USA as Carl Dean Switzer. Stiltz retreated to his bedroom and returned with a .38-caliber revolver. The oldest brother died in 1922. In his 1946 resume, he referred to the films generically as "M-G-M short product".[3]. He said he heard the knock on the front door, and Switzer said "Western Union for Bud Stiltz." He signed both brothers to appear in Our Gang. Corrigan's mother, Rita Corrigan, opened the door to find a drunk Switzer, complaining about a perceived month-old debt and demanding repayment. Switzer suffered massive internal bleeding and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.[8][9]. He died on January 21, 1959 in Mission Hills, California, USA. https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/carl-switzer-35212.php [5] They divorced in 1957. Il meurt d'une balle dans l'aine, à la suite d'une dispute pour 50 $ relative à son nouveau travail de guide, au sujet d'un chien de chasse qu'il a entraîné, perdu et récupéré contre récompense ; se voyant refuser le remboursement des frais qu'il réclame à son client, Switzer engage avec lui une lutte qu'il interrompt après avoir détourné un premier tir blessant le beau-fils de l'homme, mais alors qu'il s'apprêtait à rebrousser chemin, essuie un second coup de feu, qui lui est fatal. During the struggle, a shot was fired into the ceiling and Corrigan was struck in the leg by a fragment. Shortly before 7 p.m. that evening, January 21, 1959, Switzer and Piott went to Rita Corrigan's home in Mission Hills, where Stiltz was staying, to collect the $50 ($400 today) they felt Stiltz owed Switzer.

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