It is too liquidy to make a credible pizza cheese. If you want to use cream chees, add other ingredients such as red tomatoes, spices or sliced sausage ( Delicious ). If slices of bocconcini -- little balls of fresh mozzarella-- are used, the pie visibly resembles a baked version of the classic Caprese salad. For example, the classic Margherita pizza is basically cheese, tomatoes and fresh basil. But you'd be disappointed in the results if you tried to use it as the main or only cheese on the pizza. Top roasted chicken breast with grated Asiago and brown under the broiler. Add grated Asiago to potato gratin or roasted butternut squash. Cheddar cheese doesn't tolerate sustained, high heat as well as some other cheeses. No that would be disgusting. The butter would melt and make the bread soggy, it would be a sludgy mess. A lot of pizza operators use diced mozzarella cheese because it is easier to distribute over the pizza and they claim they can use less cheese as a result. You can use small amounts of cheddar mixed with the other cheeses. You can use any ground herbs available to you but oregano, basil, thyme, parsley or coriander would be best, Ground garlic or onion powder would also be good as will just salt and pepper if that is all that is available to you. You can add anything to a pizza, but the true one contains only tomatoe, pizza cheese and other ingredients. The italians would definitely notice. A secret : the best pizza cheese is the round one, the square one is obviously delicious, but not awesome. I agree-- You would get something of a greasy mess. Queso seems to be made from American type processed cheese, the type you see on thin strips on a burger. The other day I bought a pizza from Domino's and saw the gal who made the pizza shake off some of the diced cheese after she had distributed it on my pizza. Feta, which melts poorly, is often diced or crumbled across pies for visual effect. You can use those processed cheese spreads on pizza in place of mozzarella but processed cheese doesn't melt properly so it might just get hot and sit there. Use as a pizza cheese: Add a small amount to traditional mozzarella or top non-traditional pizzas made with roasted red peppers and chicken or artichokes and black olives.

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