During the initial call for shots fired, officers located a victim who stated that he was approached by two males in the Southwest Corridor, behind Boston Police Headquarters, one who was wearing a burgundy sweatshirt with a yellow bandana. The standard issue weapon for Miami-Dade officers is now the Glock 17 in 9mm. There are approximately 2,900 sworn officers and 1,700 support personnel working together and keeping residents safe. The male carefully pulled onto the road and continued to drive his vehicle exceptionally slow, while making no effort to pull to the side of the road to allow the officers to proceed to the domestic violence call in which they were dispatched. Following in the footsteps of his father, his son, David, would join the Boston Police Department as a police officer in 1989. He was wearing a red sweatshirt, and had a yellow string coming from a yellow bandana that was tucked behind his neck. CPD directives dictate what type of duty weapon officers can carry based upon their hire date. His name is located on the National Law Enforcement Memorial: Panel 40, West Line 3, as well as, the Hero Wall located on the first floor of Boston Police Headquarters and the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Memorial at the State House in Downtown Boston. Officers removed the gear shift panel and recovered a second loaded firearm. 69 Paris Street East Boston, MA 02128 (617) 343-4220. While on approach, officers were advised that the suspect had been observed firing two shots before fleeing the area on a moped. A second bag containing three Oxycodone pills in the rear of the suspect’s pants, concealed within his buttocks. Please reach out if you, or someone you know, is in need of help or safety planning. In 1854, the city replaced the watch organizations with the Boston Police Department. The one constant for NYPD officers is they have and remain loyal to 9mm pistols. SneakerED partnered with 10 Boston Public Schools and chose 10 students per school for a total of 100 students. During the booking process, the booking officer observed the suspect reach into his pants multiple times, manipulating an apparent object within his groin area. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The M&P pistol was also noted for its ambidextrous controls and the ability to customize the grip size of the pistol to each officer’s preference. The BPD requires all employed officers hired since 1995 to live within Boston city-limits, and this has led to calls for pay raises to help officers meet the city's high cost of living. The male was sitting with is hands on his lap, holding a balled-up jacket. The Boston Police Department (BPD), dating back to 1838, holds the primary responsibility for law enforcement and investigation within the American city of Boston, Massachusetts.It is the oldest police department in the United States. Boston SWAT is allowed to carry the ever-reliable Sig Sauer 1911 chambered in .45 ACP. Other weapons approved by the department are certain Berettas and the Smith & Wessons for officers who are grandfathered to carry those and were on the department prior to the issue of the SIG. Further, the officer observed the male to place his hand into the back of his pants while inside of the cell as if to conceal an object. Keeshaun Davis was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of a Loaded Firearm, Discharging a firearm within 500’ of dwelling, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and Assault with Dangerous Weapon Firearm. It is the oldest police department in the United States. 232K likes. Regarding sidearms, times have changed. On the West Coast, the LAPD’s more than 9,000 sworn officers have a lot of territory to cover. Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence, Association of Haitian Women in Boston/ Asosiyasyon Fanm Ayisyen nan Boston (AFAB), Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers (MAPS), Data includes 24–Hour-Period Beginning Tuesday @ 10AM through Wednesday @ 10AM, Homicides: 0Nonfatal Shootings: 0Nonfatal Stabbings: 0, Street Robberies: 1Commercial Robberies: 0Bank Robberies: 0Other Robberies: 0, Vehicle Thefts: 3Vehicle Recoveries: 1Vehicle Breaks: 3, Residential Break-ins: 0Commercial Break-ins: 0. The Boston Police Department has approximately 2,015 officers and 808 civilian personnel, with patrol services covering an area of 89.6 mi² (232.1 km²) and a population of 589,141.

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