The blues scale is very similar to the minor pentatonic scale, but with an additional lowered 5th note (lowered by half a step/semitone), or blues note. So basically there are three steps to blues scale mastery. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD –> 12-blues-scales. A blues scale- practice this over an A minor and a C Major chord. the ‘C’s in a C blues scale, or the ‘G’s in a G blues scale) are shown in green. Pentatonic and Blues scales are effectively equivalent. C Blues (Concert B flat) 2. E Blues (Concert D) 10. 2. Use the pattern shown above to play a C blues scale by positioning your hand at the 8th fret. D flat Blues (Concert C flat) 7. In the fretboard patterns on this page, the tonic note of the scale (i.e. F Blues (Concert E flat) 3. B Blues (Concert A) 9. Here is a PDF of the 36 Important Scales (Major, Dorian, and […] Title: Microsoft Word - Major-Minor-Blues-Scales-Boxes-Guitar.docx Author: Griff Created Date: 1/26/2016 8:39:17 PM A Blues (Concert G) 11. Ex. For the most part, I’m going to deal with pentatonic scales, but you can do blues scales instead if you want. Learn the 5 pentatonic scale patterns and how they fit together. The blues scale (or Pentablues) is the pentatonic scale plus one note.This note became known as the “blue note“, and is the flat fifth in the case of the minor pentatonic, or the flat third in the case of the major pentatonic. The Guitar Mixolydian Mode Scale. Link to Guitar Pro file of tab for the Guitar Lydian Mode Scale. F sharp Blues (Concert E) 8. The Mixolydian mode has a blues feel to it. A flat Blues (Concert G flat) 6. To see the blues chord progressions with their relevant blues scales in every key please see the the chart on the next page. There is slight variations in how you use this scale depending on the harmony behind it. Further down the page you’ll find four additional blues scale patterns plus TABs. The blue note in blues scale. Good for rock, country and rockabilly. Thank you so much for taking part in … For more information and licks using the blues scales check out my two books on Mastering the Blues Scales. Thank you! I've included a great downloadable PDF with free blues guitar scales. It has been deployed in all manner of genres, from pop to rock to even heavy metal –Metallica’s Enter Sandman, Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog and Stevie Wonder’s Sir Duke are just three of many songs that use it. Despite its name, the blues scale isn’t exclusive to the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan and BB King. The Blues Scale is a foundational element of blues harmonica playing. This gives you an idea of just how important it is! The C minor pentatonic Blues scale: …is a classic example of the minor pentatonic Blues scale which is simply known as the Blues scale. Click Here to Get The Real Blues Scale! To summarize, the most important scales to learn first are the Major, Dorian, and Mixolydian scales because they help you navigate major 7th, minor 7th, and dominant (b7) chords, respectively. B flat Blues (Concert A flat) 4. E flat Blues (Concert D flat) 5. Pentatonic scales are cleaner as far as diagrams so they’re a little easier to work with. The blues scale is basically the pentatonic scale with some blues notes blended in artistically along the way. 1. Link to free printable guitar scales PDF file with all 5 positions of the Guitar Lydian Mode Scale. Tenor Saxophone Jazz Ensemble Blues Scales 1. Recently I did a post about the 3 Most Important Jazz Scales for Beginning Improvisers. It is so fundamental that many professional players continue to practice it daily. Scale 5.

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