I'm particularly surprised by how quickly roses react to it. The two natural things I have traditionally used are ascorbic acid (vitamin C) or humates/humic acids, but more recently, I’ve learned that apparently many materials will work, from molasses to a bit of compost to sugar to all kinds of things, and it happens instantly, so yes, your 5ml of molasses should be fine. -The NPK is 1:50 parts water, so 5 Tbsp per gallon of water.-The dextrose is used at the same rate as the NPK, so just put the same amount of dextrose as NPK.-The Bio Ag is at least 1:250 if possible, so 1 Tbsp per gallon of water. Stir well, so that the molasses dissolves. 18 years or older, Royal Bluematic Thanks for checking in with me, that does mean a lot. Remove 1 quart of water from the bucket. I can't say enough good things about EM." I am new to all the organic gardening but am hoping to try a few recommended things. Anna D. Blackstrap molasses is a great companion to microbial inoculants and organic fertilizers. What a difference!" The taste is. Power Flower The aphids are gone and I am expecting these arborvitaes to be on a road to recovery (I’ll never use plant-tone again). It's a 10 star out of 5 rating" I’d like to know if there has been any testing of the liquid seaweed on pasture? Blackstrap unsulphured molasses is the best type of molasses to use for cannabis growing. The hardest part of going organic and following Phil’s approach is getting started. Molasses made from sugar cane is often made into sweeteners or used as a flavouring for foods. In fact, various forms of sugar are very useful to use in your foliar sprays. When applying to individual plants, mixed 2 tbsp per gallon. There are also different types, or “grades”, of molasses, from lighter coloured molasses that is pure sugarcane syrup, to darker molasses and then blackstrap molasses which is denser and thicker than the other types. Thanks again Phil, you're a great guy!"Bobby. I used the fungi, molasses, probiotics and seaweed and in less than a week everything was sprouting and growing like crazy." My order arrived promptly so I would order again from your site. Finding your website has been the best thing I've ever done to finally get rid of nasty gnat and variety of pest infestations and to finally grow a healthy amazing garden. The first two years the yield was inconsistent, lots of pests, and I lost interest after two months. Larry, "I did receive your products and will be using them in a few weeks to start seeds. Wow! Royal Cookies Growers have used agave syrup, corn syrup, or honey as an organic nutrient for growing cannabis, although unsulphured molasses is the most effective. If you’re buying the Bio Ag ‘activated’ culture, just pick up the same amount of molasses to apply along with it. Molasses is the perfect food for these microorganisms, as it gives them the ideal environment to thrive. That’s especially helpful when applying a source of nitrogen such as liquid fish, because the carbon in the sugar balances out the nitrogen, much like we try to do when building a compost pile. You are....AWESOME! Brian, "I want to praise Phil for following up on my recent order, which hadn't arrived yet when he sent me an email. Thanks for sharing your wealth of information and research. would dextrose be better and do the same thing?thanks. Pour 1 gallon of water into a 1½- or 2-gallon bucket. I used them immediately after receiving them and have seen a marked change in my plants. If you’re applying any kind of microbial inoculant, such as effective microorganisms or compost tea, the right sugar will give the microbes some food to eat right when they get out there, to wake them up and get them working away on all the amazing things they do for us. . So I put a bit of your EM in the watering can and prayed. The ‘unsulfured’ part is important because sulfur is used in some products as a preservative, to kill microbes, and we obviously don’t want to do that, as we’re trying to encourage microbes. Although you can use molasses during all stages of growth, including the vegetative phase, you will likely notice the most benefits during flowering. The benefits of molasses as fertilizer, in addition to the sugar, are that it actually contains a nice array of minerals for the garden, and it’s also very sticky, so it helps your microbes and fertilizers stick to plant leaves during application. "Thank you for the timely delivery, the wonderful customer service, the great products AND most of all your SUPERB gardening advice and encouragement. This will age the water and allow... 2. The advantage here is simply that molasses will cost a lot less than some fancy-brand cannabis supplements, yet will provide your plants with the same benefits. Brian T. "My San Marzano tomatoes were suffering from blossom end rot. Jenn, "I found Smiling gardener about 6 or 7 years ago, when I was so discouraged with info learned in MG School. I put some Seaweed, Humic, Molasses and EM in with the watering of my house plants, WOW!! Also, I found the information on this site very informational, and ordering process so simple (and fast!). By clicking ENTER, you confirmyou are Andy S. "I was really impressed with the level and depth of information on your site. This is in addition to the plants being mulched with homemade compost. You can use it like a regular nutrient that you add to your feeding schedule, you can make composts and compost teas, use it to prepare a particularly rich soil, or apply it as a foliar spray. * Holly Hedge. Blackstrap Molasses Soil Drench and Foliar Spray 1. I’ve already learned so much about organic gardening and look forward to continuing with studies in your academy. I dissolve the molasses in a small amount of warm water first, right in the sprayer, to make sure it doesn’t clog the sprayer. But the nutritional compounds in your soil, the chemicals, minerals and other inorganic substances are not all there is to make a good environment for your plants. Improves Heart Health. Thank you for the product. why did you stop selling dextrose on your website ? What other type of sugars do growers use to grow cannabis? "Diana, "The endomycorrhizal fungi that Janice and I got from you last month has been incredibly effective. Thank you, Phil. I am a fan. If it smells bad or if you see mold, toss it. Usually after a few weeks the vines get beat up from picking and become brittle. Thatn said I am confused- I was told to do the compost tea foliar feeding, but then also read something about what seems like a simpler option- with mixing molasses, kelp, AEM and epsom salt- as a foliar feed. If you’re applying any kind of microbial inoculant, such as effective microorganisms or compost tea, the right sugar will … Molasses For Plants – How To Use It In Your Garden. "Brian, "Want to thank you for helping me improve my organic gardening skills and Not this year! Dance World We haven't seen this much healthy growth EVER in our yard. Do this once every three weeks to start. I did not expect the kind of service you are providing. In fact, various forms of sugar are very useful to use in your foliar sprays. Barbara M. "I've been using the regimen of EM, kelp and sea minerals/fish on a weekly basis and I've never seen anything like it! Hi Deitra, the molasses is made for human consumption. The ‘blackstrap’ is important because it’s the most nutritious of all types of molasses. I use blackstrap molasses for plants whenever I’m ‘activating’ effective microorganisms and sometimes again when I’m spraying it, about equal amounts of EM to molasses for each process. * Grass. This hedge is now bursting with new growth. Some molasses of low quality can contain undesired additives, such as preservatives and chemicals that you definitely don’t want in your garden. I appreciate your thorough response. I love it." Thank you for what you are doing to save our beautiful planet." hi phil!i was informed mollasses could be used at 5ml per 5 gal totie up chlorine, above you suggest not using too much in the garden due to yeast. Molasses isn’t just rich in valuable nutrients, but it also has the ability to improve the soil, the very foundation of your grow. Best tomato crop in many years. Thanks. The aphid or white flies that have been weakening and killing my steeds holly hedge for a couple of years almost completely disappeared after just 1 foliar spraying (w/the seaweed, probiotics and molasses). I'm sure it was the prayer! Kathy, ""The smiling gardener is the Premier outstanding resource for high quality products at a great price. they’ve vanished and I have the most beautiful garden in the Neighborhood. Find out about the many advantages of molasses for strong and healthy plants. May the great gods of the goodies and gardens smile upon you, for the extreme dedication and devotion to our soil, plant, and animal friends. 1 Quart. Molasses provides those nutrients and also adds natural sugar that encourages soil microorganisms to break down organic materials.

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