Whatever’s on your mind, we’d love to hear from you. For big projects, try corded for non-stop power. With its pointed tip and small size, it can get into tight areas. An email has been sent to your account to activate your account. For belt and quarter sheet sanders, the paper may attach with a clamp. 1.2 amp mouse sander Black & Decker disclaims any responsibility for any damage to property or injury to persons as a result of misuse of the information provided. The high-performance dust collection system helps to keep your workspace clean, and an interchangeable detail finger is perfect for extremely small surfaces. Finishing sanders come in both quarter sheet and detail models. Mouse 90532198 sander pdf manual download. Proper use is important to achieve the results you want. B+D Contributor }. .custom-nav-underline:hover { To reduce the risk of personal injury and property damage, read and follow all related product manufacturers instruction manuals and information before performing any of the applications shown. 1/4 Sheet Orbital Sander with Paddle Switch Actuation, Never use a belt sander for final finishing, Always align the holes in the sandpaper with those on the sander platen so dust can pass freely into the dust bag. DETAIL SANDER POLISHER. For those more frequent, smaller jobs and quick touches around the house or out in the yard, cordless sanders are ultra-convenient and portable. Finishing sanders come in both quarter sheet and detail models. For fast sanding of large surfaces, grab a random orbital or belt sander. Also for: Mouse ms800. Comments? Problems? Here are some guidelines from the sanding pros here at BLACK+DECKER: For small details and surface prep, try a finishing sander. Here are some guidelines from the sanding pros here at BLACK+DECKER: For small details and surface prep, try a finishing sander. Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL MOUSE SANDER BDEMS600 Thank you for choosing BLACK+DECKER! © Copyright 2020, BLACK+DECKER Inc. All rights reserved. Sign up to receive the latest info on new BLACK+DECKER products, special offers and more. Most orbital sandpaper attaches in seconds with super-strong hook-and-loop fabric. • Extended drywall sanding is not recommended for this product. text-decoration: underline; Sanding can be particularly satisfying. A belt sander is also great for reshaping materials. For many projects, such as prepping a surface for staining or refinishing, you’ll want to start with a low grit to efficiently power through most of the material, then switch to a high-grit paper to smooth the surface for the final stain. 40V MAX* System 20V MAX* System This account has not yet been activated. The Black & Decker Mouse is a handy palm sander. You need an account to do that. We have updated our password strength requirements. SIQUK 100 Pieces Mouse Detail Sanding Sheets Sandpaper with Extra 2 Tips, Hook and Loop Assorted 40/60/ 80/100/ 120/180/ 240/320/ 400/800 Grits to Fit Black and Decker Detail Palm Sander 4.7 out of … from My Projects? Don’t worry, creating one is quick and easy! For fine finishing, look for grit in the 120 to 240+ range. cursor:pointer; VEA EL ESPAÑOL EN LA CONTRAPORTADA. They can handle the edge of a sticking door and other down-and-dirty jobs. Your current password is not strong enough. By signing up you agree to receive emails from BLACK+DECKER with news, special offers, promotions and other messages to your interests. They are ideal for intricate items or getting a surface perfectly clean and smooth for staining or painting.

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