It is incredibly common throughout the game, serving as a standard-issue weapon for Columbian soldiers and security forces, as well as finding use in the Vox Populi. The Machine Gun's Kickback Reduction upgrade is only recommended for those who have a hard time controlling the weapon's kickback. But if you restart the game and go to the place where you get the shield, you'll get a ton of infusions and gears in the same room This. This version of the Machine Gun seems to be based on the early Blish lock versions (M1921, M1928 overstamp & M1928A1) of the Thompson Submachine Gun rather than the later blowback versions (M1 & M1A1) used in World War II. Firing Boost, Magazine Size, Kickback Reduction Ammunition Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 360 (Standard), 180 (Antipersonnel and Armor-piercing) They should be automatically gold. Used by 30 Standard Auto Rounds, Antipersonnel Auto Rounds, and Armor-Piercing Auto Rounds Multiplayer: Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack, 35 or 70 (with Ammo upgrade)52 or 105 (with Bullet Boon)61 or 122 (with Ammo Advantage) To do so, try to align the targets so that the gun will immediately start shooting the second target after killing the first. Inventable ammo: Armor-piercing Alternate ammo types are specifically geared towards a particular type of enemy, allowing the player to take them down more easily. It is distinct from its Founder counterpart by its extended round drum magazine, altered front sight, and the distinctive red tape around the whole gun. It is incredibly common throughout the game, serving as a standard-issue weapon for Columbian soldiers and security forces, as well as finding use in the Vox Populi. Medium/High In addition, it presents no disadvantages and allows the player to deal more damage versus Big Daddies in one clip. The damage can be increased and the recoil reduced with upgrades at a Power to the People station, increasing the Machine Gun's effectiveness. The following is a brief guide to the strategic advantages and disadvantages associated with this weapon: The Machine Gun is a powerful and easy-to-use weapon, effective both against small groups and single tough enemies. When aiming at long-range targets, the best way to attack them is to fire the weapon in bursts of four or five. Vox Repeater The Machine Gun is the best anti-group weapon, capable of killing individual. If the player has purchased the Season Pass and has access to the Ammo Advantage Gear, the Machine Gun can have the largest clip size of any weapon in the game, greater even than the Peppermill Crank Gun. BioShock Infinite Walkthrough (FULL GAME) - Part 3 - The Blue Ribbon + Shield Upgrade & Machine Gun! Rank Machine Gun Its usefulness extends to very few situations, and would likely be a regrettable use of the limited number of Power to the People stations. Kill 2 enemies with a single Machine Gun clip! To use the Machine Gun most effectively, it is advised to empty ammunition into less powerful hordes of enemies, taking advantage of the abundance of ammunition available, and the speed at which the weapon can deal damage. Booker DeWittSoldiers, 30 or 60 (with Bullet Boon)35 or 70 (with Ammo Advantage), 30 or 60 + 60 (with Bullet Boon)35 or 70 + 60 (with Ammo Advantage). Damage Magazine Size A middle ground can be achieved by balancing damage per second to the player’s desire by increasing the frequency of trigger pulls. It's only the machine gun and the pistol. Reload Time The Recoil Reduction modification adds a jury-rigged device to the end of the gun that reduces it's kickback. The Ricochet Enhancement upgrade is the most useless in the game, as the bullets' bounce angle means almost none of them will hit a target after ricocheting. Medium This is a guide for the 60 blue ribbon challenges that are standing between you and the evasive Blue Ribbon Champ achievement. Kill 2 Splicers in one continuous burst with the Machine Gun Firing Boost Upgrade! Repeater Ammo The Repeater shares the same name with the real life 1860 Henry-Winchester Repeater rifle, but the latter has a different design and has different design principles. However, the Machine Gun's versatility is hindered by its low damage per shot, amongst the lowest of all available weapons in the game without upgrades. Maximum Ammunition Rate of Fire Ammunition Maximum Ammunition It fires a rapid spray of Auto Rounds, each doing a moderate amount of damage, and comes with two variants for organic and armored enemies. 6. It will return to its original state after a few seconds. -- Small amount of piercing The Repeater is arguably less useful against common enemies than the Machine Gun, but is nonetheless more effective in fighting hordes than other more powerful single-shot weapons, and it is recommended that the player still engages larger groups of enemies with the Repeater, only at longer ranges. On the other hand, the player has to be careful not to run out of ammunition, and the weapon's final upgrade is next to useless. Next Vigors Introduction Prev Weapons Vox weapons. The Early Bird Special Pack contains four pieces of gear, a machine gun upgrade, a pistol upgrade, special skins for both weapons and five Infusion bottles (or Weapon upgrades | Weapons in BioShock Infinite BioShock Infinite guide, walkthrough. Used by Damage Multipliers Medium Recoil This weapon is particularly effective for targeting multiple enemies or if the player is not very accurate, since it has the ammo capacity and rate-of-fire to sweep the area at close to mid-range. It is based on a Gatling Gun instead of a Thompson submachine gun and fires .50 Caliber rounds with anti-personnel and armor-piercing variants. Recoil Medium However, as with the rest of the weapons featured in this DLC, the ammo capacity and availability is limited. Alternate ammunition is both scarce in the environment and expensive. If the player is willing to deal with repetitive motion, the recoil reduction upgrade can be achieved manually. Fires a rapid spray of bullets. Damage Increase, Recoil Reduction, Ricochet Enhancement Maximum Ammunition Even if the player favors the Machine Gun, it is advised to avoid the Ricochet Upgrade. Continuous, automatic firing is better suited for larger opponents such as Big Daddies and. Rolston's Reciprocating Repeater, commonly referred to as the Triple R, and known in-game as both the Machine Gun and the Repeater, is a rapid-fire submachine gun, part of the arsenal of BioShock Infinite. 40 Used by 72 - 88[1] The Machine Gun is the basic version of the weapon, used mainly by the Columbia Military. Also featuring clear iron sights and a relatively short reload time, as well as commonly available ammunition, the Machine Gun can serve as a jack-of-all-trades primary weapon throughout the game. On the other hand, the weapon's decreased accuracy and increased recoil due to the higher rate of fire make it impractical even at mid-range combat. Ammunition To counter the weapon's high amount of recoil, simply aim downwards when firing, while trying to maintain one's aim on the target's torso. IMO, the carbine is the best all around common use gun in the game. It is first found at The Daily Bread restaurant in Fontaine's Department Store. However, this belt seems to be absent from both variants when operated. Auto Rounds -- Small amount of Booker DeWittLeadhead Splicers Spread However, this is offset by the Repeater's much slower rate of fire, hindering its utility in close quarters where the Machine Gun is much more useful. Maximum Ammunition Ranged Damage Loss It fires fast, has a decent clip and ammo reserve, does great damage, and its dead-on accurate at all ranges. Upgrades 10 Its only application would be towards long-range combat, where the player would be able to lay down sustained fire without too much trouble. 280 (Standard),160 (Anti-Personnel and Armor-Piercing) DAMAGE BOOST 2. Very The real world equivalent actually had an accessory that did exactly this; the, Continuous, sustained firing will cause the Machine Gun to have increased recoil and decreased accuracy until paused manually or for reloading. Its low skill ceiling means that, unlike most other weapons, advanced tactics won't greatly enhance the Machine Gun's effectiveness.

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