No player is allowed to play in multiple solo events. If you stop drinking before your opposition, you lose. However, this isn’t your mother’s 10-cup. Running Baseball The Beer Olympics is an … This is the place. 2. Place one full drink per team member into a large vessel, either a pitcher or a clean bucket. Top 10 Best 2020 Black Friday Deals for Bar Game Fans! Get our free guide to the 50 Best Bar Games. Try to make sure that whoever is chosen as referee is as impartial as possible. Send team captains to confer with the referee. Hockey, Funny Team Names Tip:Make sure that all of your drinks have roughly the same alcohol content to avoid giving anyone an undue advantage. Each team is … Each player should have a drink on the table in front of them. Baseball Events can be Drinking Games or Skill related competitions, generally a combination of both. To be on the safe side, try to assemble all of the classic party game supplies: Score is determined by placement in the Beer Olympics, and will vary depending on how many teams you have. Racing If you’ve got a favorite competitive drinking game, make it an event at your next Beer Olympics and show the world what a gold-medal competitor you are! Dance, Team Names As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. First, we’ll give you 7 Beer Olympics games to play, including games of skill and games of endurance. If you decide to divide teams on a national basis, the reigning champions or event organizers always get to play as the “home team”. An easy to follow guide to setting up your own Beer Olympics. Football In lieu of said tradition 10-cup, 21-cups are played with (6-5-4-3-2-1 rack). There is no limit to the number of teams that can participate, but teams should not be any larger than six players. The more you want to foster the competitive spirit of your players, the more over-the-top you want to be with your opening ceremony. Walking Teams should be encouraged to get into the spirit of things, wearing uniforms, choosing entrance music, and engaging in some friendly trash talk. Tried and true, beer pong is a staple of every BROlympic event. Theme Names for Corporate Event By dividing groups into competing teams and sticking to a set schedule of events, even the rowdiest of parties stays on track with the Beer Olympics. Once all the teams are in position, have the referee announce the events and reveal the prize. Due to the large number of players for Beer Olympics, it is advised to have all teams bring their own alcohol. Golf Rules: 1. The winners take home the prize, and gain the privilege of being the next event’s reigning champions. Duck Names Basketball When the referee says go, the two lead players begin to drink their beer. Their spins completed, they must then run to the other end of the room, touch the wall, and run all the way back to tag the next person in line. In lieu of said tradition 10-cup, 21-cups are played with (6-5-4-3-2-1 rack). The Beer Olympics: Games of Skill and Endurance, Bucket Ball - Beach Edition Combo Pack - Ultimate Beach, Pool, Yard, Camping, Tailgate, BBQ, Lawn, Water, Indoor, Outdoor Game – Best Gift Toy for Adults, Boys, Girls, Teens, Family, AmazonBasics 16-Ounce Disposable Plastic Cups, Red - Pack of 240, 8 Foot Beer Pong Table CHALKBOARD by Rally and Roar - Portable Party Drinking Games - Official 8ft x 2ft x 27.5in Regulation Size - Tournament Ready - Premium Indoor-Outdoor Beirut Table, Lightweight, PMS 619028 36PC Beer Pong Set in Double Blister Card, Red, The Best Electronic Dart Board: A Complete Guide, How to Play Unstable Unicorns: Rules and Review, Screw Your Neighbor: The Classic Drinking Card Game, The 8 Best Bachelorette Party Games to Suit any Squad, Ride the Bus Rules: How to Play the Drinking Game, Thumper: A Roaring Fun Drinking Game (with Apologies to the Neighbors). Arrange six cups in a bowling-pin arrangement, and fill them part way with beer. For Girls This event should be played one on one or in teams of two with teammates taking turns. Hockey First one to clear all of their opponent’s cups gets the big points. We review the games, research the rules, and uncover helpful tips and strategies. For Work When the game starts, players must drain their drink, then place it upside down, with the rim hanging over the edge of the table. In the Beer Olympics, teams of at least four people compete in a set series of events. Once they finish their beer, they must bend over so that their forehead is touching the end of the baseball bat. Group Chat The Beer Olympics is a competition involving multiple alcohol drinking games played in succession by teams of people, ultimately leading to an overall winner. To decide which events will take place and in which order, each team should designate a team captain to speak on their behalf in a pre-game meeting. Dachshund Names Browse through team names to find funny team names and cool team names. Girls Softball Find the perfect funny name for your team. 2. Soccer What equipment you will need for your particular version of Beer Olympics will depend heavily on which events you select. It is better to have a large number of smaller teams than it is to have a small number of larger teams. This is a whole team event. Official beer leagues are now being organized across the country as well as other countries which indulge the young people to hand about with their friends and booze and chill in the atmosphere. Once the events have been selected and announced, teams should decide among themselves which team members will compete in which solo events. Faster players might drink more than slower ones, but each player must complete at least one full beer in order to qualify as having successfully completed the case race. Nominate the best chugger from each team, and have them sit in a group facing the ref. Events should be chosen to test a variety of skills. Once all events are complete, add up all the points. This is a full team event, and a time penalty should be applied for spilling or interfering with the other team. Summer Theme Ideas Football Nicknames Home » Drinking Games » The Beer Olympics: Games of Skill and Endurance. 3 Syllable Boy Names, Words That Start With a That are Positive, Words That Start With T That Are Positive. Beer Pong (Beirut for you traditionalists): Number of Participants – 2 per team. Try not to pick countries with all the same colors. When a game ends, the winning country gets a point, and winning this game might be more satisfying then a gold medal. America is always one of those countries, and you, as the host, should probably be on that team. The team must finish the beer, again without spilling any, by any means necessary. Have teams stand in a line at one end of the room, each of them holding a beer. All you need is a couple teams representing different countries, some Solo cups, and a shit ton of beer. Tried and true, beer pong is a staple of every BROlympic event. Using one finger, players must attempt to strike the cup so that it flips back over and lands right-side up. That way, every team member gets to play in at least one solo event, and no one is drinking a disproportionate amount compared to their teammates. However, this isn’t your mother’s 10-cup. Name Generator Find a funny team name, a softball team name, a volleyball team name, bowling team name Names That Mean Angel First one to bounce the quarter into the glass is the winner! Check out our complete list of team names. Beer Pong (Beirut for you traditionalists): Number of Participants – 2 per team. Typically reserved to be the final event of the Beer Olympics, the Case Race is exactly what it sounds like: each team races to finish an entire case of beer. The more teams there are competing, the more valuable it is to win, but the more difficult it is to maintain a winning streak! Players take turns throwing the ping pong balls into each other’s cups from across the table. Need ideas for an awesome, clever, creative or cool Beer Olympics team name? Looking for the best of our team names? If you finish your entire drink without spilling any before your opposition finishes theirs, you are the winner. Golf A Beer Olympics is a series of events, mostly drinking related, where competitors compete to earn points, eventually being crowned the Beer Olympics Champion. If you decide to include individual events, make sure to pick a number equivalent to the amount of players on each team.

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