I’ve used only tomatoes and no onions. Method. It sounds like it takes a while to make but you can actually have the whole thing done in 15 minutes – from prep to placing it onto the dinner table. You can also make this in a pressure cooker. Add salt as per taste, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander seeds powder, ginger garlic paste, mix and saute well. Add all spices in the pot. In a thick bottomed pot add ¼ cup oil. This is a family recipe and lots of tomatoes give both color and tartness to aloo baingan. This recipe is very common and the mix of aloo and baingan lifts up the flavors of the curry. Aloo baingan curry made using onions and tomatoes and cooked to form gravy curry with spices. Yummy Indian Kitchen - Indian Food Recipes, Indian Food Blog on Indian Vegetarian and Non Veg Recipes. Break the potato into large bits with a straight spatula as seen  picture. I like mine with yogurt, khichri and kachumbar salad along with some  pickle or chutney. Share it! Saute for couple of seconds and add the onion and cook until golden brown. Preparation time : 15 mts Cooking time : 25 mts Serves : 2 people Here, in this recipe I did not add garam masala powder into it and made the gravy by pressure cooking the vegetables to cook it quickly. Add the baingan pieces, mix and cook the whole mixture for about 2-3 minutes by covering the lid. www.spicytreats.net/2014/10/aloo-baingan-recipe-punjabi-aloo.html This dish is apt for everyday cooking and makes the perfect recipe … In a pot add ¼ cup oil then spread first layer of sliced potato then second layer of sliced brinjal and finally a layer of chopped tomatoes. Once they start spluttering add the ginger, garlic and green chillies. Add cumin. (Keeping checking after every 10 minutes, and add only ¼ cup water if needed.). A great accompaniment for baingan aaloo ki subji is any type of daal curry. Cover the pot and slow cook for 25 minutes on lowest flame when potatoes are tender and oil separates. Like lots of other Indian foods, it does, however, taste even better when it is reheated and eaten the next day. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. When the seeds crackle, add the onions and sauté on a medium flame for 2 to 3 minutes. The trick is to mash the aloo and baingan a bit so no one can pick aloo (potato) and leave baingan (brinjal). The recipe is quick, just add everything in the pot and let it slow cook for 30 minutes. It gives aroma and flavors of achari baingan without much of the effort. Aloo baingan curry is almost the same but in some places like punjab some of the veg recipes use garam masala powder too. Cover a cook for five minutes. Baingan is available in many sizes small, large and medium and different eggplant gives different tastes therefore, choose the one which is regularly used in your household. This is Asiya, a graduate in Engineering and Technology from Hyderabad,India with always a passion for cooking and trying different recipes and therefore started food blogging... eggplants/baingan cut into medium long slices, medium size potatoes/aloo peeled and diced. This curry goes perfectly with roti or rice and is very easy and is a common recipe made in every household and is also a recipe that can be practiced by beginners. « Chicken Dry Fry Recipe, How To Make Chicken Dry Fry, Mutton Korma Recipe Shahi, How To Make Mutton Korma ». Heat the oil in a broad non-stick pan and add the cumin seeds. When … Aloo Baingan is a simple, vegan and extremely flavorful Punjabi style dry curry made with potatoes and eggplants. Add slit green chillies and stir it until onions get soft. Step by step recipe of Aloo Baingan. Good to carry for tiffing. Then spread a layer of sliced potatoes. Get ready to get the easiest, tastiest Pakistani aloo baingan recipe. This baingan recipe is best made and eaten fresh. Add sliced onions and saute them for few seconds. Garnish with chili slices and fresh coriander. In this recipe I have used tamatar and few spices to get the gravy and it can also be made without using tamatar. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes so that all the water reduces. Spread another layer of chopped tomatoes. Add the chopped tomatoes into it, mix and cook for a minute. Add tamarind pulp in the last and mix. A layer of oil has separated on top and potato are tender. Serve with yogurt, khichri and kachumbar salad along with some  achar or chutney. Ringna Batata Nu Shaak also known as Aloo Baingan ki Sabzi is a popular sabzi in every Gujarati household.  Potatoes and Brinjals are a classic combination cooked in everyday spices and a rich tomato puree.  Brinjal is one such vegetable that gets cooked until it is almost blended as gravy with subtle pieces of purple that stand out.

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