By the time all is said and done, I think I’ll be the leading online authority for bottled alkaline water reviews. It’s been known that it helps you lose weight, especially when you drink an hour before meals. Yes, it’s incredibly ironic that too much fluoride actually does the exact thing it’s supposed to stop. This is why it’s much better to drink non-fluoridated water. Most of the states in the US are in the participation of this activity. Sorry, no results has been found matching your query. The right level of fluoride present in tap water is regulated and complies with the strict standards of Safe Drinking Water Act. Putting together the largest list of bottled water without fluoride- anywhere. International Bottled Water Association has a list of brands which has fluoride in their bottled waters, in case they contain added fluoride, they are strictly required to indicate it on the labels and must comply the limit of fluoride set by the FDA. Take note that we should not generalize that all bottled waters have fluoride. Many might wonder how safe is our drinking water as pollution levels seem to be on the rise. As a result, you could need fillings or extractions. Water is an essential part of our life. In fact, there’s plenty of evidence out there that says fluoride – in low amounts – will reduce your chances of caries. 6 Atheist Scientists Who Now Believe in God, The Story of Shaan Patel, His Shark Tank Video and SAT Prep Classes, 10 Best Websites Like Coursera, Udacity and Other MOOCs, 16 Most Illiterate Countries in The World, 10 Least Successful Etsy Shops and Why They Are Failing. If you’re worried about accidentally drinking bottled water that has fluoride in, then this list will help you. So, the reason it’s added to our water is to try and help fight tooth decay. An estimated 5-10g of sodium fluoride can be lethal for some adults. 10 Bottled Water Brands without Fluoride10 Healthiest Bottled Water in the WorldAmway Perfect WaterArrowheadCan drinking water help in weight loss?Crystal GeyserCulligandrinking water without fluorideGerber Pure WaterGreat Value RO WaterHow drinking water helps?How fluoride affects our health?List XFinanceNestle Pure LifeReal WaterSlideshowSmartwaterWellBlue PitcherWhat drinking water does for you?Where is drinking water found?Which bottled water is the best? But why is it important to pay attention to fluoride levels in our drinking water? “Healthy adult kidneys excrete 50 to 60% of the fluoride ingested each day, but the remainder accumulates in the body, largely in calcifying tissues”. Cancer is also another main concern, and according to the American Cancer Society, a rare type of bone cancer osteosarcoma, was observed in animals exposed to high amount of fluoride. Filling up re-usable stainless-steel water … 8 Reasons why Gamers Are Loving This New Focus Pill, The benefits of drinking tea – A Definitive Guide. Fluoride-Free Water Bottle Companies . When consumed in high a mounts, specifically the man-made fluoride that is in public drinking water, it can cause problems. If you didn’t already know, the government puts fluoride into our water supplies. Hang on, what? The good news is, there are lots of options out there for you to enjoy. But, the issue is that there’s almost no limit to the amount of fluoride a child will ingest this way. It’s not as bad for adults (10%), but it’s still a cause for concern. They can also make sure the water … In fact, the majority of bottled water doesn’t contain any fluoride at all. Comment:*document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "afaaf1100175172a8cbd34de96c50b5b" );document.getElementById("d512646f08").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. On a similar note, fluoride has also been closely linked to the development of children’s brains. Drinking fluoride-free water will present you with more health benefits than drinking water with fluoride. Drinking water not only gives us a refreshing feeling but hydrates us as well and it’s essential to life. Some studies show a pretty solid link between excessive fluoride consumption and brain damage. If you prefer a fluoride-free drink, you may filter your water or make it undergo a process to remove fluoride. If you are buying bottled water then it should not contain fluoride but it’s sometimes difficult to find this information out from the manufacturers especially the alkaline water machine makers. This alkaline water is also produced without chlorine or fluoride, which some believe makes it taste much better than average tap water. Fluoride can actually be BAD for your teeth? Plus, it’s a legal requirement to clearly state on the bottle if the water is fluoridated. But, we’ll also go over some of the dangers of this chemical, along with the main reason why the government feels the need to supplement it into our water supply. Is bottled water that much better for our health? Check out all of the brands down below if you want to drink bottled water without dangerous fluoride in it: As you can see, it’s a long list – which is good.

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