AKG W4000, Windschutz für C2000, C4000 . Being cardioid, the microphone picks up its sound source, which comes from the front. AKG There is no doubt that this is a quality microphone, produced by one of the great manufacturers. The AKG P220 large-diaphragm condenser microphone gives you the kind of versatile performance and reliability you need, whether you’re capturing sources in a pro studio, tracking at … They leak a lot, which means people will be able to hear what you're listening to. PERCEPTION 120 PERCEPTION 220 AKG PERCEPTION 120/220. Its performance is enhanced by some of its features. AKG first brought the Perception 200 series to the market in 2005. So live vocals no, unless the singer always leaves the microphone on its stand. AKG does not only produce microphones at the very top of the range, but they also produce what you might refer to as affordable microphones. That gives three different polar patterns. The frequency response of the P220 shows a bump in the lower frequencies, whereas the Perception 220 begins its low-frequency rolloff at … akg p220 frequency response. There is no XLR cable supplied with it, which some may find surprising. Sensitivity 20 mV/Pa. (20 mV/Pa; 40 - 20,000 Hz). It is not a ‘one-trick pony’ though and can be used in a variety of situations, as we shall see. The oval ear cups are not too large or thick and don't protrude once you have them on your head. The AKG have a smoother treble and feel better-built. They have a strong position in the condenser microphone range, and the P220 is one of these products. Sweetwater is always looking to bring you value - and the AKG P220 delivers. From then on, AKG’s products have been seen in the best recording studios around the world. In the sample microphone we inspected, two differences from the Perception 220 … The Perception 220 is essentially a clone of the Neumann U87A circuit, including the negative feedback loop that provides corrective EQ to the capsule. However, between the two, AKG P420 is indeed better compared to AKG P220. As you might expect from an AKG design, there are some good features built-in. the high-impedance input circuit (two 1G resistors, JFET, input coupling cap) have been converted to surface-mount components. The P420 is a much more expensive microphone, so maybe that is an unfair comparison, but if you want to try more experimental microphone techniques, it is well worth investing in. Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz. The AKG Perception 220 Professional Studio Microphone has been designed and built to allow those on a lower budget to experience AKG quality. We think it is probably made essentially for studio use, but its scope is wider than that. Equivalent noise level 16 dB-A. As with all condensers, this microphone does need 48v Phantom power. That is one of the very few differences to the 220. Cardioid Not really. Since then, they have proven a big success. – CHECK HERE, AKG microphones are known to be a leading force in the world of microphone design and manufacture. On the subject of the price, it falls into a category that makes it a stand out purchase. However, it isn’t the sort of design that would look particularly good hand-held if we are honest. Less than half an inch is referred to as a small diaphragm. Some components in the circuit have changed, and the factory has been able to improve tolerances. Your email address will not be published. The AKG Perception 220 is a part of that tradition. Optionales Zubehör. Poor leakage. The AKG K44 have an understated studio aesthetic, that's a little bland but will work for some. AKG. The frequency response of the P220 shows a bump in the lower frequencies, whereas the Perception 220 begins its low-frequency rolloff at 80Hz. As condenser mics, they also deliver bright and crisp audio reproduction. As a great microphone that has lots of uses and produces a great sound, you won’t find better, especially at this price point. Please let us know! Another reason that it works well for live performances. The next AKG mic up in the range of the P420 has a dual-diaphragm. AKG The Perception 220, 420, 820, 100, 200 and 400 share the same capsule platform which is is one-inch, center-terminated and true condenser. 16dBA. But this is a condenser microphone, and in most cases, they will produce a better sound than a dynamic mic. But at the price of the microphone, that’s no major hardship. And it delivers a vocal reproduction that is crisp but warm. AKG PF80. It is a mic that has been designed to work in the studio, as we have said, and in that environment, it excels. These microphones are better suite to vocals and the spoken word. A second transistor elsewhere in the circuit has been converted to surface-mount. Finished in a matte black, it has a very clean, understated, and minimalistic look. AKG SH 100 Spinne für Perception Mikrofone. Mit Schwanenhals und Halterung zur Befestigung an einem Stativ. The AKG Perception 220 is that and more. The sensitivity of the P220 is slightly higher, 20mV/Pa vs 18mV/Pa. Als „Perception“ wurde vor einigen Jahren eine Serie gestartet, welche verschiedene Mikrofone im für Heimstudio-Anwender und Hobby-Tontechniker bezahlbaren Bereich anbot. Let us pause briefly and consider what that means. The specifications for the P220 differ from the older Perception 220 in two respects: According to AKG, the P220’s capsule and transformer are identical to those found in the Perception 220. Stage microphones also need to be tough, and it is certainly that. Required fields are marked *. As we have already hinted, this is a microphone with a multiplicity of uses. However, if you wanted to extend the range to accommodate recording drums, then you might need to come lower. Max SPL: 155dB. Frequency Response Consistency They're also quite unstable and will quickly fall off your head if used while running. Getting into recording can be a bit of a pricey hobby, and it’s hard to find a microphone that toes the line between quality and affordability. A tough but laid back design is about all you get visually with this microphone apart from the AKG logo.

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