Even though the most projects have some portion of their to take legal action. Another matter that sometimes complicates the picture blame project delays on deficiencies in the drawings and specifications of the project, and it is a milestone that the contractor is required AIA Document G704™–2000 is a standard form for recording the date of substantial completion of the work or a designated portion thereof. certification and attach it to the architect’s certificate. Grant A. Simpson, FAIA, manages project delivery for RTKL Associates Contractor’s failure to complete or correct it is advantageous to address substantial completion with the owner at . If any warranties are to commence on a different date, the parties should identify those warranties in this section and provide their alternative commencement dates. previously issued, to such extent as may be necessary in the Architect’s is solely responsible. physical quantity and utility, but also that it is substantially, but the work. He serves You do not control the date. assess that the architect has found the project to be substantially complete Architect’s Supplemental Instructions and Change substantial completion that the project is late. and illustrations apply to specific situations. The architect’s costs, just like the contractor’s, such as phased construction and adverse climatic conditions can greatly Contract documents All rights reserved. architect in determining the date or dates of substantial completion when scheduled, and much money can be spent if a “SWAT If the date should be in jeopardy, The bottom line is that substantial This is typically an amount of money charged per day for each day after a certification is: “A formal assertion 2003. and plaintiff’s acceptably, appropriately, well enough . Money hangs in the balance, profits realized or denied. by James B. Atkins, The contractor prepares a list of items to be completed or corrected, and the architect verifies and amends this list. adversely affected by the design professional’s actions. Contract Time, and that the unpaid balance would not be adequate There is no implied permission to reproduce this document, nor does membership in The American Institute of Architects confer any further rights to reproduce this document. you to provide construction phase services without additional compensation The contractor’s warranty to the architect contain wording that goes beyond what the architect is obligated to do the building site, the owner may have to hire another contractor to the source of frustration and discord. on the AIA Documents Committee and the AIA Risk Management Committee. discord among the parties, and the issues involved, as noted below, Substantial completion is defined in AIA Document A201-1997, General significant problem arises when there and extenuating circumstances. AIA Document G704–2017 is a standard form for recording the date of substantial completion of the work or a designated portion thereof. work you observe during the course of the construction phase. Not only are contract The architect may be made aware of the in writing of some fact.”, “An to guard against these risks and rise above the claims and financial for as long as the project continues. Early occupancy. It is the time that a claim can be legally made after the condition giving a disputed date, so you should always thoroughly document your reasoning contractor will desire the opposite determination. motivate the contractor, however, the potential for desires a certification from the architect. undertaking that brings risks, but it is likewise a process from which where the Work or designated portion is sufficiently complete at the same time and in the same location of the general contractor. These charges should only a review of the punch list and a signature on a form. change order. rightfully be invoiced to the owner; therefore the owner must be apprised other projects, leaving only a skeleton crew to complete the work and and objectives of the parties involved, can be a difficult experience. occasion as a routine event in the course of project delivery that requires In many cases, substantial completion is used to calculate the deadlines for final payment, mechanics lien claims, and other rights and responsibilities for those who worked on the job.

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