Our goal is to cut through the confusion and explain the truth. There are other layouts too, some of the less common keyboard sizes are the 75%, 65%, and 40%. TKC1800 with ePBT Doubleshot ABS Olivetti. Perfect if you want to test out a multitude of switches. The keycaps come in a similar 3-color uniform profile design. The keycaps are also made from ABS which wear down easily and can look greasy/shiny after touching them. The case design has a small forehead which takes up precious desk space, in addition the power cable is recessed which makes it difficult to use a custom USB cable. A function layer works by toggling programmable “layers” on the keyboard. A macropad is a smaller board that’s meant as an accessory to a regular computer keyboard. The keyboard comes in a variety of great switch options including Cherry MX and Kailh options. The keyboard community has produced several mainstay formats that further meet the specific needs of typists, each with its own character and layout. 75% boards compact the keys tightly together, fitting nearly as many keys as a TKL. The only downside to the different layout is it places the question mark further away and the right shift is tiny. A 60% keyboard is a common “compact” layout. AKA: a 75% without the function row or a 60% with arrow keys. link to The Best Optical Keyboards [Nov 2020], Kailh Box White, Speed Copper, Speed Pro Burgandy. The Durgod Venus has buttery smooth stabilizers that make typing feel like a dream. The PBT keycaps are also super interesting. If you need to take your keyboard with you to a coffee shop or want to work in a small home office, a 60% keyboard will fit nicely in a small space. Plus, the rough texture feels nice. Add 1 Key; Add 5 Keys ; Add 10 Keys; Add 25 Keys; Delete Keys Undo Redo. To access them, you might hold down the function key and use the WASD keys. These are non-standard layouts that typically, but not always, are available through Group Buys rather than retail sales. Many enjoy the extra desk space and portability that comes along with a smaller keyboard. While there isn't nearly as much choice or variety when compared to mechanical... We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. The optical switches are screaming fast and the perfect fit if you’re a hardcore gamer. The keyboard comes with Bluetooth which is perfect for those who want to use their keyboard on the couch and don’t want to be stuck using a desk. The arrow keys are also very easy to access. The upside to this keyboard is the fact that it has dedicated arrow keys and a delete key. The keycaps are made from PBT plastic which is much more durable than the standard ABS, in addition, they come in the Cherry profile. Compact keyboards use a feature called function layers to access keys that are otherwise missing. For a keyboard in this price range, you can’t complain about the keycap material. Keyboards are a lot more varied than just those three common sizes though. The keycaps are also a point of interest for me. 60% keyboards are a great option if you’re looking for a compact keyboard, but I have found 65% do a better job. I’m always a sucker for a keyboard with a nice build. Keyboard Sizes — Full-size, TKL, Compact, & more, Compact Keyboards — function keys and programming, Unconventional layouts — ortho, split, and macropads. link to Is Surround Sound Good For Gaming Or A Gimmick? The keycaps overall are high-contrast and satisfying to use. $49.00 Tofu E-White 60% aluminum case. Know more about our affliate disclosure terms. Cherry profile is different because it has a slightly lower profile and a more aggressive incline on the keycaps which make it more comfortable for gaming and typing. This makes the keyboard size super efficient, lean, and will save you a ton of space on your desk. Overall, the Anne Pro 2 makes for a decent option if you’re looking for a keyboard that’s similar to the Ducky One 2 Mini but for a slightly cheaper price. This keyboard has the best typing experience of all the 60% keyboards on the list. The SK64 also has hot-swappable optical switches which makes it super easy to remove and replace them with another optical switch variant. I’m a big fan of dedicated arrow keys because it makes it easy to navigate a page without using the mouse, so this keyboard definitely peaked my interest. 60% keyboards have been popularized recently, especially by gamers. The only problem with the Huntsman Mini is it’s not the best for anything other than gaming. On a 60% keyboard there is no number pad, arrow keys, function row, or navigation cluster. $58.00 60% WOOD CASE FOR DZ60 GH60. This makes it difficult to use keys that don’t have a dedicated button. A 60% keyboard is a common “compact” layout. Kraken Keyboards provides the World's Best 60% Mechanical Keyboards, Doubleshot PBT Keycaps, XXL Mouse Pads, and Custom Aviator keyboard cables | World Wide Shipping The keycaps also come in a unique 3-color design which really spices things up a bit. There are two types of surround sound, true and virtual.... Optical switches are quickly become more and more popular in both budget options and premium gaming keyboards alike. To our surprise, the K530 was quite impressive. They are much more user-friendly and easier to start using as the arrow keys can be crucial for using a computer effectively. It’s perfect if you constantly need to connect your keyboard to different devices and want to swap between them seamlessly. You also have RGB lighting which makes the keyboard light up your desk and illuminate the legends on the keycaps for easy typing/gaming in the dark. The GK61 is an excellent budget gaming option if you can’t afford a keyboard such as the Razer Huntsman Mini. At this size, physical keys are stripped away to leave only what’s necessary. Today we are looking at our favorite 60% mechanical keyboard picks for 2020. Not to mention, it comes out-fitted with optical switches. TheRK61 comes with Outemu switches, while not being the best, are an excellent option if you’re looking for a cheaper keyboard. Custom knuckle buster split board by Qlavier. It’s worth noting this keyboard is only compatible with other optical switches, not mechanical. The keyboard makes the perfect *thocc* sound we all want to acquire. Each size is unique with different features. The arrow keys are located on a lower layer but are really easy to access. Getting a 60% keyboard is quite exciting. A 65% has alphas, modifiers, and an extra right column to accommodate arrow keys. One of the coolest aspects of the Ducky One 2 Mini is that it comes with additional keycaps in a random color, which allow you to customize the aesthetic. The material is satisfying to touch as well. But for a custom keyboard build under $200, you can’t complain too much. The keycaps also don’t have any sub-legends to them so you can’t see exactly what letters are on the lower layers. Not having access to so many normal keys can make it difficult to use at first. Instead, gamers have opted for a smaller layout where they can tilt their keyboards and still have it rest fully on their desk. Not with the Durgod Venus. In general, the more physical keys it has, the bigger the keyboard—with some variation in how layouts compact them closer together and vice versa. Split layouts cut the keyboard in half. The overall case design is very light and flimsy, which makes it light to carry around in a backpack, but also feel kind of cheap. This course takes you through the differences in keyboard sizes so you can find what case and form factor are right for you. The MiniVan — a 40% keyboard featuring a split spacebar. This keyboard is perfect if you want a specialized keyboard just for gaming, but we can’t really recommend it for any other purpose. The Huntsman Mini is the first 60% keyboard from one of the major keyboard producers. The shape of the keycaps is also slightly different. 60% is perhaps the most common layout after full-size and TKL. You might be familiar with this from your laptop keyboard, for example, where you might hold down the function key (fn) to access volume controls or to adjust your screen brightness. In the past, we’ve only used the budget keyboards from Redragon, such as the K552, K551, and K582. This keyboard is an excellent companion for whatever purpose you plan on using your keyboard for, whether that be work, gaming, typing, or programming.

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